Secret Green Space in London at Dalton’s

    London is the city that has everything to offer to its visitors and inhabitants. From historical monuments to places to eat there is a lot in store. And another thing that London is famous for is its green spaces that are scattered all over the space. And amongst them, Hackney is popular as it is greenest of the Boroughs in London. You will be surprised to know that, this borough has more than sixty parks, open spaces, and gardens.

    The place not only impressive as far as green spaces are concerned but, it also has the largest concentration of football pitches in all over Europe like historical and beautiful settings of Springfield to Hackney Marshes. There is also sedate and serene walled garden like Hackney City Farm located within Haggerston Park.


    These are all the known places in Hackney. However, as London is also filled with secret places, Hackney is no way less. It is the home of a semi-secret garden or green space which is also a bit different than all others.

    History of Its Name

    • Hackney is the home to Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, and this name is given not because of it curves, but it is named after old Eastern Curve railway line where it is situated.

    • Though, the old tracks are not to be seen anymore but, it once joined Dalston Junction station a goods yard and also the Northern Line.

    • It is a leafy, tranquil setting tucked away from the hectic and busy junction of Dalston. Here, the visitors are allowed to stroll around the garden, praise nature at its best and when tired can sit down for a coffee or take a sip of juice in café benches.

    • You will also get to have the fresh produce coming straight from the garden, all of which are maintained by locals.

    Location Details Of The Garden

    • It is located in Hackney and has its entrance next to Hackney Carnival Mural, at 13 Dalston Lane right in London. This place is also two to five minutes away from two Overground stations Dalston Junction and Dalston Kingstead respectively.

    • Also, if you want to take a bus, there are several running on this route including 30, 38, 56, 242 and 277. These buses stop outside the Garden making it easy to access this place. On the other hand, if you are taking, bus routes 67, 76, 149 and 243, it will stop at nearby Kingsland High Street from which the garden is few minute walk.

    • Bike accommodation and racks are also available outside the Garden, right next to Mural.

    • This place is also well accessed by various other hotels in London like M hotel by Montcalm in Shoreditch London Tech City and also from Hotels near Moorgate Tube Station.

    Brief Note About the Garden

    • Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is though a small one but, its beauty is completely worth the visit. It has a utopian feel with butterfly bushes and wildlife-friendly trees.

    • Shrubs grown in this garden include birch, hazel trees, and hawthorn. Apart from there, you will also see plenty of herbs, fruits, and vegetable trees as well.

    • All these trees are planted alongside butterfly bushes whereas; bracken and other kinds of plants were already present in the site when it was neglected.

    • This place is not devoid of art, and you will find odd bits of art and sculptures in places. If you have not seen a glasshouse yet, then, in this garden you will get that opportunity with ‘Pineapple House.’

    • This garden also acts like a vegetable farm, and you will see beds for growing food like peppers, tomatoes and also scented herbs.


    • These are all grown and maintained by Dalston residents. In the spring of 2010, architectural collective Exyzt created a spacious wooden pavilion in the garden.

    • It is where, various events, gathering, and workshops are held. Events also regularly take place here for both adults and children.

    • The garden, in reality, is more than just serving the purpose of green space but, amidst a fantastic yet hectic urban city, this garden is the tranquil oasis and a nice escape from busy streets of London.

    • As long as, you are in the garden, the feeling of tranquillity and peace is not going to leave you and happiness will come right from within.

    • If you are traveling with a disabled person, this garden has accessibility for wheelchairs too. A stay at one of the hotels in Shoreditch area of London could be the best option for you and your loved ones.

    Café in The Garden

    • A garden is incomplete without a small dine out space, and here it is complete with Garden Café, where visitors can enjoy and relax with a steaming hot cup of coffee or a glass of juice.

    • The drinks menu is not only limited to coffee and juice but, also offers tea, herbal drinks, cider, beer and wine. You got to try the café special sodas and fresh lemonade.


    • The café staff also prepares food on demand like cakes and other delicious baked treats available in their stall every Saturday on Broadway Market.

    • The garden also contributes to local economy of Hackney by providing it drinks and other food supplies from Hackney and East London suppliers like East London Brewery, Lickalix Lollies, and Square Root Sodas.

    Pineapple House and Pavilion

    As already discussed, this garden offers a big wooden pavilion that includes plenty of tables and chairs. It is a good option to sit in the garden and relax even when it is raining outside. A large conservatory or Pineapple House offers a wood burning stove where visitors can enjoy nice warmth during winter months. Apart from that, hot water bottles, blankets, and other accessories are provided by the garden for visitors to enjoy the garden even in winter. Free Wi-Fi is available, and you will have to ask for the password.

    Visitors that have dogs can also bring them in the garden though the rules are quite strict about keeping them is lead always.

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