Shutting It All Out – Finding an Oasis of Calm in New York City.

    How do you find an oasis of calm in New York? The bustling city isn’t noted for its healthy well-being of its inhabitants so where do you go when you need a mental and physical detox? There are some places you can find that will help you do exactly that.

    • Breather

    When you are at home you are surrounded by things that need doing, bills that need to be paid, chores; you sleep, wake up and leave the house to go to the other place where you spend most of your time – the workplace. Surrounded by other people and their lives you still can’t find a moment of calm. So you try a lunch hour in the Park. Again so is everybody else with their lives and conversations. Where do you go to truly shut off?

    new york
    new york

    Well Breather may have the answer. You can hire an empty space and relax. Although they are equipped with free Wi-Fi you don’t have to do a thing. Yoga mats and comfy sofas are provided so you can find your moment of peace and stay as long as you like.

    • Yoga

    What if you are only in town for a couple of days but still need to get away from it all after a day of meetings or hectic travel? Then have your very own Yogi come to your hotel room. Many instructors have seen a niche in the market for frazzled travellers and executives, looking to start or finish their day with a session of stretching to let go off the stresses of the day The James Hotel ( offer a one to one tuition to help ease you out of the daily grind. As well as your own designated Yogi, why not check in for a treatment at one of the many Spas around town? Hotels can also offer you a reasonable package that may be included in your stay. Why not zone out and let someone do the work for you.

    Next up is a perfect moment of calm in the great outdoors. If you’ve had it with wandering aimlessly around from coffee shop to coffee shop and trying to discover where you can go to get away from office and home and escape for a moment of peace.

    • Green Space

    There are plenty of green spaces where you can hide away from it all (1,700 to be exact) so there must be one that will suit you. Try gathering your thoughts at the conservatory garden in Central Park, with its linear formation and gated area it’s a perfect spot for seeking quietude. For something where you can truly hide its worth checking out The Highline, the elevated railway is a place where you can rise above the sounds of the city and watch the traffic below through the disused billboard sign. With its many parks, lakes there are plenty of places to hide off the beaten track. Just to gather your thoughts for a few moments during the day.

    The big city is not quite as bustling and busy as you may think. It is a place where you can get away from it all – if you know where to go. But Shh… these secret places are just between us okay?!


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