The best places for holiday homes

    Many people consider buying a holiday home when they find a destination that they love. After having many happy memories on previous holidays, it can be the perfect solution to just buy somewhere and have the opportunity to visit whenever you like. With so many destinations around the world to choose from, where is the best place to buy a holiday home? Check out the list below for a few popular choices.

    IOW Holidays


    Buying a holiday home in Florida is a popular choice for families with children. Orlando is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world so it makes sense that people want to go back over and over again. With easy access to Disneyland, Busch Gardens and Universal Studios, Orlando is ideal for people who want to relive their childhood and have fun. Animal parks, crazy roller coasters and water slides can be found on almost every corner, while the weather is glorious for much of the year.

    Isle of Wight

    If you want an old fashioned dose of Great Britain, look to the Isle of Wight (IOW). Once home to the dinosaurs, the IOW offers a long history that is just waiting to be explored. Dinosaur footprints and skeletons have been found there, with the Dinosaur Isle museum housing many of the fossils. IOW holidays are fabulous if you want to just nip away for a few days. Being so close to the mainland, it’s just a short ferry ride, rather than a long-haul flight abroad. If you visit in the summer, Cowes Week is worth checking out. The hundreds of boats that descend on the island are accompanied by a buzzing, festival-like atmosphere, guaranteeing fun for everyone.


    If you fancy a good, old-fashioned sun holiday, look into buying a home in Spain. The weather is generally good all year round and many British couples have already emigrated there. The relaxed way of life is a tempting prospect for retired people that want warmer weather and local food. If you buy in a little market town, you’re spoilt for choice with the local produce on offer. If it’s a traditional way of life you’re after, avoid the heavy tourist areas. It’s worth investing in some Spanish lessons as well, to make you feel like a true part of the local culture.


    France has so much to offer that it largely depends on what you want to gain from your holiday home. If you’re after food, wine and some peace and quiet, head to the Dordogne. There are lots of old castles that are worthy of a visit and the rustic environment is great for a few weeks of escapism.

    If you want somewhere slightly livelier, it’s worth considering Paris. The capital is buzzing with people and things to do so you’ll be constantly busy. The Louvre museum is just one destination that will offer you hours of entertainment and history. The Eiffel Tower is another classic monument that can’t be missed. Pop into one of the many cafes for a coffee and a cake and experience Parisian living for yourself.

    About the author: Herbert Smith is an author and travel writer who writes about holiday and leisure related topics. He has spent many years holidaying in the Isle of Wight. Click to see the wide range of various Isle of Wight accommodation.

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