Top 2 Dream Resorts in Hawaii

    There are some resorts around the world where no request is too much, the views and facilities are second to none and the prices are high… These places are what dream holidays are made of and Hawaii has some of the best in the entire world. We are going to go over the best resorts money can buy in Hawaii and look at some of the smaller things that make a holiday sublimely perfect.

    Hualalai at Historic Ka’upulehu – Four Seasons Hawaiimedium_55819876

    This divine resort has everything you could ever want, with gorgeous interiors and a wide variety of suites and rooms to choose from all including stunning modern bathrooms. They also all offer the perfect place to relax after a flawless day. Ka’upulehu resort has 7 amazing pools most notably the King’s pond which is a 1.8 Million gallon ‘aquarium’ with turtles and tropical fish inside. You can freely swim among them in the safety on the King’s Pond away from the oftentimes strong currents found in Hawaii. The Sea Shell pool is also a perfect place to relax; it’s an infinity pool, which means it blends in with the adjacent ocean perfectly. There is also an adult-only pool to ensure that throughout your holiday or honeymoon you can relax away from the frequent noisiness of children. They have a number of restaurants and bars; the Beach Tree has a gorgeous outside dining area with delicious Californian/ Italian cuisine. In the end this hotel is sublime and has all of the components needed to ensure you drift into a perfect dream-like relaxation, sometimes you just need to get away from it all and there is no better place than Hualalai at Historic Ka’upulehu resort.

    Kahala Hotel and Resortmedium_2850748484

    Is located near to Waikiki on one of the more Northern Islands in Hawaii and the resort has a free shuttle bus regularly, to make it easy for you to discover all Waikiki has to offer. The grand lobby room of the Kahala resort is truly stunning with tall vaulted ceilings and grand chandeliers. Despite the luxurious setting it does have an air of informality and you will definitely be able to relax. Kahala has been visited by a number of celebrities and royalty and politicians, including the President of the USA Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, a true declaration of its fantastic reputation. Obviously if you want to chill-out then there is the obligatory gorgeously clear swimming pool facing the ocean and a more sheltered beach area, just right for sunbathing. Or if you are keen to do something a bit more energetic then there are lots of options at the Kahala resort. My top picks would be:

    • Surfing lessons – It’s a must-do in Hawaii and the Kahala resort have an outrigger canoe to safely and quickly get you out into the surf, so that you can start practicing.
    • Canoe Snorkel Tour – This amazing experience allows you to head out into the surf in a unique outrigger canoe, going beyond the reef and seeing the amazing turtles and other beautiful sea life in the crystal clear Hawaiian waters.
    • Dolphin Quest – This unparalleled experience with some of the most gorgeous marine mammals in the world, dolphins! There are a variety of price packages enabling you or your whole family to meet these gorgeous creatures. (See website and pdf for details).

    All in all these beautiful collection of islands are full of the promises of relaxation, luxury and beautiful weather and there is no doubt that Hawaii fulfils these promises. There are so many more gorgeous resorts in Hawaii so there may be a mini-series looking at a couple more of these stunning hotels. Let me know in the comments if this would be of interest!

    Images by: chaps, kanaka

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