The Best San Francisco Venues for Concerts

    Music runs in the blood of San Francisco just as often and just as fluidly as its mid-afternoon traffic runs in the streets. It is a city of art galleries, show exhibitions and thriving sporting events; but its music scene is one of the best on the entire west coast. Something about Frisco attracts artists from abroad, and breeds them within its 46 square mile geography. You feel it in the air. You can see it in the prodigiousness of street performers, or in the form of citizens hauling their instruments to and fro. Best of all, you can see it in any of a whole plethora of intriguing city venues, and sit or stand happily with beer in hand. Find a San Francisco hotel through and refer to this list to hit the SF night scene.

    1015 Folsom

    w00tstock @ the great american music hall
    Find yourself swirling in the ecstasy of Folsom, one of SF’s most famous music venues and clubs. There are three separate rooms that cater to vastly different music tastes. On any given night you can expect to find a world-class DJ dropping beats, or an electronic dance show, or even an indie rock concert.

    Great American Music Hall

    Speaking of Indie rock, the Great American Music Hall will serve up exactly what you like in an indie concert. When you walk into this oldest of Frisco venues, you will allow yourself to be enveloped in its antiquated but classy theater décor. The frescoes look like they once held gold leaf decades back, but they have since been left in that attractive state of timelessness that breathes authenticity into a place that soon is filled with the soothing sounds of modern music.

    The Fillmore

    Competing for fame with the latter venue is the infamous Fillmore. It merits a title of infamy because it has thrown at the populace a whole host of amazing acts, and in a very surprising and friendly way, combining unlikely groups in the same night. San Francisco, and Californians in general ,love the Fillmore. Patrons insist that it has among the best acoustics in the world.

    The Fillmore
    The Fillmore

    The Independent

    Every city should have a place like San Francisco’s Independent. Akin to the famous Metro in Chicago, The Independent is a cozy venue where ticket holders can sit or stand to local or well-known groups any day of the week. The lighting here is particularly well-fashioned, and combined with the small size of the venue, a comfortable level of intimacy is created that patrons champion.

    The Saloon

    This curiously-named bar is said to be one of the first to have popped up in San Francisco, hence the simple name. Today, it caters to anyone with a taste for blues and jazz. San Francisco having been the center of the beatnik movement, it should appear on your itinerary to check out local jazz shows here. Make sure you have cash if you visit this bar of eclectic gatherings, because cards and checks are not accepted.

    San Francisco is jam packed with other venues. Cafes and bars are not to be neglected; these are some of the best places to catch a local show. San Francisco, as has already been mentioned, is a breeding ground of musical talent. If you give yourself the opportunity, you’re sure to go away satisfied to have discovered a new group wonder at one of San Francisco’s concert venues.

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