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    Vienna, a city known by its impeccable art, exquisite culture and the waltz. But this city has a lot more to offer except that. It is light years away from any other city or country’s capital that you have seen before. In order to prove me wrong you have to come and see it by yourself, but I warn you in advance that you will no doubt have your breath taken away by the things that you will witness here.

    Vienna is a large city which attracts people from all regions of Europe. Due to its closeness, the majority of people living in Vienna come from the countries of the former republic of Yugoslavia. For example, there are around 200 000 Serbs living here at the moment here. One should not be surprised when strolling down some of Vienna’s streets and hearing many different languages spoken there. But all of them who have settled here live life the Vienna way, hardworking, calm and polite.

    The first thing you notice when you come here is a complete absence of stress and tension. You must admit it is quite peculiar. There is quite a crowd in the streets, traffic everywhere, people walking about and running and going everywhere, but no one seem to mind it or isn’t making a big deal about it.

    There is an interesting service in Vienna and those are parking garages for women, or “Frauen Parking.” It was designed so ladies would relax while using the parking garages because many uncomfortable and unwanted things could happen, especially at night. So as you see everything is quite different and more civilized here.

    Wherever you go people smile, behave politely, treat you with respect and even ask you if there is something you need. The streets are also quite clean and there isn’t a spec of garbage anywhere let alone a lonely gum wrapper on the pavement.

    The world-known Vienna State Opera is located in the very heart of the city where there is a promenade where people are strolling and mingling all the time. In front of the opera one can find a space where the seats for the audience is placed and in front of it a big panel where one can come and see the performance live for free. It is available to anyone who wants to come and although it can sometimes get a little bit cold, many people came and enjoyed the performances of some of the best artists in the world.

    In the celebration of these event there are people walking around dressed in costumes which date back to Mozart’s time. And also, like on the famous Hollywood’s walk of fame, there are people dressed up like many famous people from different periods, but the only difference is that here they are dressed up as Richard Strauss, Giuseppe Verdi and so on.

    The least expensive ticket for the Vienna Opera costs around 126 euros, and this is if you want to stand. The priciest ones go even up to 400 euros a ticket. On the Opera’s website you can find out more about prices.

    Vienna opera
    Vienna opera

    Near the Opera House one can find the renowned hotel and bar “Sacher” with their world famous cake served with a special kind of cream. It is quite tasty and delicious and very famous among the tourists. You can find and buy this type of cake anywhere in the city, but only here will you find the unique and original one everyone is craving for.

    The Schonbrunn Palace

    During the end of the 17th century, King Leopold I booked the services of a gifted young architect, named Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, to design a marvelous hunting lodge for the heir to the throne. A grand building was erected on the former grounds of “château de plaisance” and half a century later, during the reign of Maria Theresa, Schonbrunn became the center of all the big gatherings and balls where only the most important people of the age have gathered.

    Vienna Schonbrunn
    Vienna Schonbrunn

    To this day of age, the palace has played host to many important individuals of Europe. Although, Austria is a Republic now, the palace is still a place where political meetings are arranged. Because of its wonderful architectural design and tastefully decorated rooms, it has made this palace a first rate tourist attraction and a cultural treasure.

    The Palace first belonged to the Habsburg dynasty right up to Maximilian II. Later it became the property of the Republic of Austria when monarchy crumbled in 1918. More info about the palace you can find on the official website:

    The Prater

    Here in the popular Vienna’s amusement park you can literally find and see 250 different attractions. From roller-coaster to the house of terror and even the crazy “Turbo Boost,” which you have to try, and many more fun stuff to do. The thing that separates ordinary amusement parks from this one is that this park comes with a tradition. Long time ago since 1776 the king of Austria, Joseph II, named this area as a place dedicated to amusement and fun. It was here where the first stands with food and trinkets were placed and where the first roundabouts where built. Today, the true symbol of the Prater is a huge carousel from which one can see the whole of Vienna. The cheapest rides here cost around 2 euros a piece while the most expensive go up to 20 euros.

    Vienna prater
    Vienna prater

    The “Schweizerhaus”

    When you are done having fun in the Prater, then you certainly have to visit the “Schweizerhaus” or the Swiss House. According to the opinion of the majority of the tourists, here one can find the best traditional Austrian food there is. The things you have to try are the stew and some juicy and crispy roasted pork covered with honey served on a wooden plank followed by a pint of beer to top it off. Even if you are not a fan of meat you won’t be able to resist this dish. It is best served with some horseradish on the side and a special kind of mustard served only there. The restaurant also has a garden where visitors can eat in the outdoors and it is always fool of foreign and domestic visitors alike.

    Vienna Schweizerhaus
    Vienna Schweizerhaus

    The Nightlife

    The nightlife in Vienna is very interesting. Interestingly, you will not find many of the local people in bars and pubs in the city but a lot of tourists or the locals which are Arab descent. There are a lot of Chinese and Turks and of course people from ex-Yugoslavia. The most popular places play R’N’B music and there are also some Playhouses. All in all there are a lot of places which play a lot of different genres of music and offer a lot of excitement. Because Vienna is a town which hosts people from a lot of different countries you can easily find a place which plays your own local music because there are foreign owners who have their own bars here and host people from his country.

    Vienna night
    Vienna night

    To conclude, Vienna is a town for which you will need no less than two weeks to see and every sight will be a fabulous one. We strongly advise you to visit and if you need a place to stay there you can easily find a short term rental on which has some of the best accommodations for tourists and visitors in the city.

    Address of the official website of the city is There you can find more useful information about the city.

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