The Grand Titanic Building

    It had always been a desire to add a signature personally to the Titanic Belfast in the coming centenary commemorations. The feeling of being one of a privileged visitor rose my spirits to a joyful welcome of being among the first visitor. As huge crowd mingled into a common English language was a welcoming site. The view of the shipyard had changed for good as to the comparisons from old to new in the computer world. Belfast was an industrial hub in the past, had carried the Harland and Wolff’s legacy of the Titanic to a gigantic 100 million pound invested building symbolizing the Titanic facts to nine story high.

    Belfast Titanic Quarter
    Titanic BelfastFabioCasadei / / CC BY-NC-ND

    The enthusiastic crowd was a sign that Belfast will prosper in tourism and world class attractions.

    The Atmosphere

    The start for the exhibition amounted to a good gathering of TV, the businessmen, the administration and tourists alike and a learning start for the cafeteria, restaurants and the souvenir shops, who equaled the Titanic in pounds, but not to talk of the services and the articles to be purchased. A wish to eat the Titanic menu, in resemblance to Titanic dining still bore no proof. Maybe, the immediate future will cater the said.

    The Building

    The audio guide takes you through the nine story starting from the Belfast’ prospective as to the designs and its construction. The Linenopolis remembered to a virtual visit of the Drawing Offices and Arrol’s.  Up on a lift you compare yourself with a Titanic North Ireland worker who stood and walked this position on narrow planks regardless of the heights. The sky- lift carriage takes you to a tour of the shipyard where the Titanic was being built. As you gain height, you see the view of the grand slipway and Arrol gantry presented in virtual, as lights make a spectacular impression in the Belfast skyline. Another gallery shows you the Titanic fitting – out from conception to end, when launched out to the waters. The holograms of different people, in their respective rooms, with computer rendition of the Titanic from Or lop Deck to wheelhouse, complementing in detail of the material used.

    The Hologram

    The maiden voyage laying emphases on the provisions loaded in virtual and graphics tell all the tales. The sinking episode takes you virtually through the whole process with holograms of actors and before the final display, the story of modern Belfast is narrated to further proceed to the discovery of the Titanic with Robert Ballards.   The centenary will in the coming days, will ever benefit the city.

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    1. Wow. This building is absolutely stunning! My admiration of architecture only goes as deep as “wow, what a pretty building,” but that’s enough reason for me to want to experience it in reality. I would want to visit even if it had nothing to do with the Titanic. I find the story so interesting though, so I want to go even more. The technological aspects of it sound so cool.

    2. Sounds like a chilling experience. The Titanic has always mesmerized me because I cannot begin to imagine the fear passengers felt as they scrambled for their lives. Nonetheless it is fascinating to learn about and this structure is impressive.

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