The Tricks You Need to Land the Best Room Rates for Events

    Maybe you’re an event planner, or your company has assigned you the role of finding the best hotel for the next meeting with her partners. It could be quite challenging to find the optimum rates to accommodate your purpose.

    Best Room Rates
    Best Room Rates

    This post aims at helping you get the best deal in terms of room rates. Procuring low prices on rooms will not only boost your employer’s confidence in you, but it will cater to the budget requirements.

    The following tips will be of help:

    1.    The Earlier, the Better
    This evergreen saying is a tested and trusted method of getting good discounts whenever you book a hotel room. The fact that the hotel doesn’t face any pressure from all rooms being booked out, and the little bank interests they attain from retaining your money in the bank will make you entitled to some lovely discounts.

    2.    Consider privately owned hotels
    Hotel chains or large conglomerates may have inflexible discount policies. Privately-owned ones tend to be more flexible and can give you some considerably good deals.

    3.    Sell your meeting value.
    As a good negotiator, you should be able to know the value of holding your meeting in a hotel. It will add to the value of the hotel. You can use this information as one of your bargaining chips.

    For instance, holding a prestigious event at a hotel meeting room rental in Oakville, will not only boost the commercial visibility (and credibility) of that particular hotel, it will also increase the patronage of some ancillary businesses like cabs and taxis, cinemas, pubs, and recreational centers within the Oakville area.

    4.    Study the town’s calendar.
    If you’re considering booking a Hotel Meeting Room Rental Oakville for instance, it will be best not to schedule it during the Glenorchy Community Festival, Midnight Madness, Summertime Series, etc. Most hotels will be fully booked at these times and will not be willing to offer any discounts.

    5.    Be flexible with your demands.
    To be able to really save money while booking hotel rooms for your events, you should be able to let go of some things. Like letting go of the complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free shuttle services, and other unessential luxuries. This could increase your chances of obtaining cheaper rates on rooms.

    6.    Negotiate personally.
    It will be harder to get a positive response to your demand for a discount if you negotiate through emails or RFPs. Making a personal call will add a human element to the mix and will also help in maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with the hotel.

    7.    Mention their Competitors.
    A common trick used by most negotiators is to mention the competition. Letting the hotel know about the other options that you have can turn things in your favor. They will do their best to retain you as a loyal customer. They would rather lose a few dollars on you than let their competitors take over.

    8.    Use a Consultant.
    This can be a group travel organizer or wholesaler who is into the business and knows all the best deals available. Hotels will also readily offer them discounts considering the volume of business they usually bring.

    In conclusion, remember that in trying to get the best room rates for events, you must consider the interest of all parties concerned and negotiate in a way that will turn into a win-win situation for all.

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