5 Reasons Why Travelling By Car Is the Best Way to Travel

    Gone are the days when traveling was reserved only for the privileged ones. Today, with the development of technology and the rise in popularity of freelance jobs, traveling has become available to almost anyone. Whether your work requires frequent business trips or you work as a full-time travel blogger or maybe you just like to go on road trips with your buddies, people’s opinion on the best way to travel differ.

    Travelling By Car
    Travelling By Car

    If you’re crossing an ocean, a plane is probably the first choice, but if you want to discover a new country or even a continent, travelling by car is still the best and most exciting way to do it, and here’s why.

    1. Easy planning.

    One of the greatest perks of traveling by car is freedom of choice. The choice of departure time, the stops, the length of the journey, you name it. With other means of transportation, you need to plan and to account for every detail. If you’re traveling by plane, you have to arrange the transfers both to and from the airport. You have many restrictions when it comes to luggage since you’ll be going through extreme security measures. Also, the distance from the airport will directly affect your choice of a hotel since you probably won’t be interested in traveling a few additional hours to reach your final destination.

    When traveling by car, you can take as much luggage as you want and go to a place of your choosing, no matter the location. Planning for a road trip is far easier. The sense of freedom is one of the biggest advantages for people who prefer traveling by car.

    2. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

    When you travel by plane, what you usually see are the airports and city centers. You can always go on a guided tour and get to know the place better, but it’s still very touristy. What traveling by car offers you is the view of the whole place, not just its focal points. You’ll pass through different sceneries and terrains, villages and cities and get to see the real soul of the country you’re exploring. If you’re interested in monuments or national parks, you can add them to your map and make a stopover. There will be many more that you’ll stumble upon by chance and that’s the beauty of a road trip. It’s full of surprises and unpredicted routes that may take you to the unbelievable places.

    3. Make sure your car is up and running.

    If you’re a responsible car owner, you have already done the regular car maintenance check-up. However, it’s advisable to do another one just before the trip and check for the things that you may have left out the previous time. You don’t have to schedule an appointment with your mechanic weeks in advance. Look for some good local auto repair service that has excellent recommendations and that can check your car quickly and professionally. That is another great thing about traveling by car. Even the visit to the mechanic is less time and energy consuming than all those tiring bus stops or check-ins at the airport. When you make sure your car is in good condition and ready for the trip, all you need to do is to throw in your bags and go. Pretty awesome, right?

    4. You always have a backup plan.

    They say that good planning is half the battle. However, sometimes things don’t go according to plan as much as we try to predict every possible situation. When that happens, it’s good to have a plan B. It’s a breeze when you’re traveling by car and for several reasons. First of all, if you happen to have any kind of problem with your reservation in the hotel, you can just drive down the road and find another one. If worse comes to worst, you can always sleep in the car. If you feel like going to another place, you can just get in the car and get going. When you’re traveling by bus or by plane, that’s not impossible, but it would be a lot more expensive.

    5. Eating out on a budget.

    City centers are usually the focal point of social and cultural events in almost every city. That’s why so many tourists choose the accommodation that’s near the city center when they travel to another country. Sure, it has a lot of advantages, but it has its disadvantages, too. One of those is pricy restaurants. If you’re looking for a nice and affordable place to try local specialties, we advise you to avoid the city center. When you’re traveling by car, it’s easy to move around and explore all those lovely authentic restaurants that will make you fall in love with the national cuisine as well as the culture of the country you’re visiting.


    As you can see, traveling by car is an option to consider if you want more freedom, independence, and excitement on your next summer holiday.

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