Three Amazing Cruises Your Kids Will Enjoy

    A cruise is not something that you may immediately think of as the ideal choice for a family holiday. However, there are many different cruises out there, with destinations that capture the imagination of visitors of all ages.

    Cruises also provide the opportunity for the family to visit many different places without having to move to a different hotel room. This can make life a lot easier if you are traveling with children. If you are not sure how your kids will react to being out on the ocean, you may decide to opt for a river cruise instead. There are plenty of options to choose from.

    The Disney experience

    Disney has a long history of entertaining both kids and adults. The entertainment value is apparent on Disney cruises. This type of cruise is a great choice if you have younger children. Disney knows how to make kids feel at home and they will love the dining and entertainment experiences that are specially designed for them. Different age groups are catered for, so your kids can mix with others of their own age. They can have fun while you relax and enjoy the facilities onboard a first rate cruise ship.

    Cruise the Columbia and Snake rivers

    If you want your kids to experience the power and beauty of nature, Columbia and Snake River cruises are a good vacation choice. The Columbia River is an impressive waterway that is 1,243 miles long; the Snake River is its tributary. On its journey from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia River passes several graceful waterfalls and sprawling vineyards. This is the type of landscape that you want your kids to experience, as a break from urban living.

    Experience Alaskan Glaciers

    The one word which comes to mind when describing the wilds of Alaska is stunning. Glacier Bay National Park is home to array of huge glaciers that will be stuck in your kids’ memories forever. They will also love seeing brown bears in their natural habitat. Alaska is not all about the wilderness though, you can also choose to spend some family time visiting towns like Ketchikan where small town life is very different to life in a city.

    Cruises are not just for couples or older travelers, they can be an ideal choice for a family vacation, as long as you choose a cruise that will appeal to your kids. If you have young kids who love to be entertained, the magic of Disney is sure to appeal. If your kids are old enough to appreciate nature, and have a sense of adventure, taking them on a cruise around Alaska, or along the Columbia River, is sure to spark their imagination. Whichever cruise you choose, it’s a great way of introducing your kids to several different destinations while always returning to the same room each night. It’s a relaxing way to have a great adventure as a family.

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