Tips for Drinking Water When Travelling Abroad

    Recognize Locations with Prospective Water Safety Concerns

    If the drinking water is unsafe at your destination, it certainly will not take very long for your body to let you know. There are so many common conditions that accompany contaminated drinking water and they happen quite often. It is said that approximately 10 million citizens travelling abroad on a yearly basis are affected by illnesses related to contaminated water.  As much as between 20 and 50 percent experience these unpleasant symptoms due to unsafe drinking water. Sometimes symptoms do not even appear until soon after returning home.

    Drinking Water Quality When Travelling
    Drinking Water Quality When Travelling Ionut Cojocaru / / CC BY

    It is highly recommended that travelers use extra precaution when traveling to anywhere that is not considered a first world country. Therefore, if you are traveling internationally, be well aware of the environment in which you will be entering. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to seek your physician’s advice as well as a minor check-up prior to your anticipated trip. Inquire about any possible vaccinations or potential medications you may need for your business trip or vacation. There are various clinics that even specialize in travel medicine. These clinics can provide you all the health information you need before travelling abroad. This even includes proper tips for safe drinking water in the country of your destination.

    Safety Measures for International Water Supplies

    Despite the widespread belief that by only drinking bottled water you will remain free from potential bacteria, contaminated water may still be an impending physical hazard. While drinking solely bottled water is an excellent and conscious start, there are many other ways in which contaminants can affect your health. If you are staying in a country with potentially tainted drinking water that is simply just unsafe, many are unaware and oblivious that this can also be perilous for swimming, bathing and hygienic uses. Surprisingly, contaminated water while abroad can even affect your food supply by the rinsing and washing of your fruits and vegetables. Therefore, when vacationing in these areas, avoid ice in your drinks and only drink tea or coffee that has been prepared with boiled, purified, or bottled water. Never ingest the tap water or anything containing it. Even be precautious with locally made fruit juices which may also contain unsafe drinking water. When brushing your teeth, use bottled water. It is safe to shower while abroad in these types of environments. The only suggestion is to be sure to keep your mouth closed while bathing as to not ingest the water.

    Purifying Your Drinking Water

    If you happen to run out of bottled water or simply just wish to purify your own, there are great options offered as the best water ionizer filters on the market. These can filter bacteria out, along with other dangerous contaminants that could potentially make you quite ill. Water ionizer filters are easy to find and are often sold in stores with camping gear. Besides filters, there are two other options to disinfect your water. These include simple water purification tablets which are iodine based and also the basic act of boiling your water. However, these last two alternatives do not kill all parasites. They provide improvement, but no guarantees.

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