The Allure of Hope Island Australia

    So you are planning on taking a vacation along the Australian Gold Coast? Well, this place offers myriads of pleasant surprises. During my vacation, for instance, I found Hope Island such a great place for devoted surfers who enjoy clear waters and pristine beaches. Getting the right kind of accommodation is always central to any successful vacationing, and to this end, finding my Hope island accommodation was easy as this place has numerous ‘out-of-the-way but close to diverse activities’ spots.

    Golden Gold Coast
    Golden Gold Coast

    You should also note that regardless of where you start off on your trip, getting to your favorite Hope Island destination will be quite easy. This region has great motorways that offer users smooth and fairly quick rides, and so driving from the south or the north can be such a memorable and easy experience. In my case, I came to this beautiful place via Gold Coast Airport located at Coolangatta. This is somewhere in the south of Hope Island, and after a 30 minute drive we were at our hotel. Nonetheless, I was informed that one can choose to land at Brisbane Airport, which is just some 45 minute drive north of Hope Island. The other vital thing worth noting is that rental cars are readily available at both airports.

    This destination also offers flexible hotel rates that range from luxurious to budget accommodations depending upon the size of the room as well as the amenities, and mostly the price range is always from 120 to 250 Australian Dollars per night. Looking at some of the hotels around this place, I realized that they also offer last minute booking rates for emergencies as well as onsite restaurants and even bars for one’s convenience. One of the most popular accommodation sites around this place is Hyatt Regency Hotel that boasts of a royal Queensland castle plus close proximity to many theme parks and golf course activities. As a matter of fact, the world famed Pines Golf Club is located next to this hotel.

    If you want to spent a pleasant evening don’t forget to visit the Village Theatre. It continues to be an integral part of the Sanctuary Cove community and is a perfect venue for fashion shows, local theatre group performances, dance concerts, conference meetings and other events. Tickets can be booked easily online for example at

    If you are like me, you love a good meal while enjoying your holiday. A majority of the top notch restaurants in Hope Island offer local and exotic menus. For modestly priced delicious meals as well as extraordinarily stunning views, I think you should try the Wildfish Waterfront Bistro and Bar or you go in for Randhawa’s Indian Cuisine, Harleys on the Harbor, and the House of Siam, which are also highly rated restaurants.

    What kind of holiday is it without a place to relax and enjoy yourself. The Gold Coast is famous for its numerous beaches where you can sunbathe as well as massive waterfronts where one can go out ride the waves and swim. While here, I spotted several shopping malls, museums, golf courses, wildlife sanctuaries, and theme parks worth checking out. Additionally, you can sample some of their theatres, pubs and clubs of various kinds for entertainment. Guided tours are also often at hand to take you around different parks, landmarks and heritage buildings within the island. There is always something to do, and you won’t find yourself feeling dull or bored.

    Sunset Surfer
    Sunset Surfer

    Well, for the adventurous types like me, what a better deal than to go in for the option of a one-day tour into the north (North Stradbroke Island and Brisbane) or Hinterland where you will get to enjoy the sights of humpback whales and dolphins. Also, if you enjoy wild life, you might as well wander off into the wild to see the kangaroos and koalas. To sum it all up, I can confidently say that vacationing on Hope Island remains one of the most memorable experiences you can ever have.

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