Top 10 Reason To Visit Canada

    It is safe to say that Canada is one of the most beautiful cities in the
    world. Its vast beauty ranges from glaciers and mountains to secluded forests and lakes. Apart from just the great outdoors, Canada has repeatedly been praised as one of the most livable cities in the world. Its cosmopolitan cities are safe, clean, multicultural and friendly cities with a lot to offer. Whether your interests lie on live theater or river rafting Canada will not disappoint you.

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    1. Most Spectacular Cities In Canada:
    Although it may be hard to visit these cities in one trip, here are some of the most popular destination cities in Canada.

    • Vancouver
    • Niagara Falls
    • Calgary
    • Ottawa
    • Montreal
    • Toronto
    • Halifax
    • Quebec City
    • Victoria

    2. The Natural Wonders Of Canada:
    There are very few countries that can claim to have the range and number of natural wonders that Canada harbors. Some of the most popular attractions include.

    • DinosaurProvincialPark
    • Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
    • Cabot Trail
    • NahanniNational Park Reserve
    • Natural Attractions in Canada
    • Niagara Falls

    3. Affordable Destination Point:
    The prices in Canada seem to be more affordable and reasonable to travelers. It is good to note that this may be due to the fact that the US$ is more worthy than the Cdn$. Canadian cities were on 2005 ranked as the most affordable by the worldwide cost of living survey. Toronto which is the most expensive city in Canada was ranked 82 out of 100 most expensive cities. Ottawa which is one of Canada’s cities is ranked as the most affordable cities in North America.

    4. Amazing Outdoor Activities:
    There are a wide range of outdoor activities that Canada has to offer. Its lakes, mountains and trails make outdoor activities fun and possible. Some of the outdoor activities that visitors prefer include: Fishing, Camping, Golfing, Snowboarding/ skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, snowshoeing trails, canoeing and kayaking.

    Fun Festivals and Events

    There are many beautiful and fun events that Canadians put on occasionally.

    Some of these include:

    • The Calgary Stampede
    • Edmonton Folk Music Festival
    • Celebration of Light, Vancouver (largest fireworks completion in the world)
    • Edmonton Folk Music Festival
    • Winterlude (Largest winter fest in Capitol Region), Ottawa
    • Celtic Colors International Festival, Nova Scotia
    • Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa
    • The Toronto International Film Festival
    • Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec City

    5. Climatic seasons:
    Canada’s winter, spring, summer and fall seasons are periods to enjoy a lot of adventure. During winter the environment is perfect for skiing and many visitors come into Canada to enjoy the experience. Apart from the snow-caps and igloos of the winter season, summer, spring and fall also offer their own charm. Canada is a very large country and the vast range of climates makes it possible for many activities through the year.

    6. French heritage:
    In cities such as Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces the French culture is very prominent. These sites are rich in history and contain distinct heritage that is enjoyable to see and learn from. Canada is bilingual so it is therefore not necessary for tourists to speak only French. Quebec for instance still has a very distinct European feel.

    7. Fun For Family:
    If you are traveling with children Canada has a wide range of events and outdoor activities that a family can enjoy. Vacationing as a family is a chance to enjoy all the festivals and events that are perfect for families such as hiking, snowboarding or the Calgary stampede. You can also get spa treatment for relaxation during your leisure time.

    You can find a spa with the help of

    9. Canada is diversified:
    Canada is diverse in its cultures, landscape and climates that can suit a wide range of interests. The cities feature a wide range of ethnic communities therefore there are many neighborhoods, shops and restaurants with unique cultures.
    Canada has a beautiful environment such as the pristine coastlines, rugged mountain and sparkling lakes that are ideal for relaxation.

    10. Amazing man-made attraction sites:
    Apart from the vast natural beauty that Canada harbors there are also interesting man-made attraction cites. Some of these include: the historic sites such as the Quebec City which is the only walled city in the North of Mexico, the architectural sites such as the CN Tower; and cultural attractions such as the beautiful galleries and museums.

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