Top 10 Things to do in Tanzania


    Thousands of visitors land on the dusty shores of Tanzania every year to go on safari. The Serengeti National Park is the number one hot spot for catching sight of the big five in all their glory. In the tall grasslands of the Serengeti you can spot prides of lions, herds of wildebeest, long necked giraffes and elephants. This is the best place in Africa for catching sight of the Great Migration in all her glory.

    2. Ngorogoro Crater Conservation

    Stand on the brim of an ancient volcanic crater and discover the world of fauna and flora that lies beneath. The Ngorogoro Crater Conservation is a truly breathtaking experience, trek through the bush lands with a Masai guide and keep your eyes peeled for swinging monkeys, black rhinos and antelopes dashing through the glades.

    3. Mount Kilimanjaro

    The towering figure of Mount Kilimanjaro steeps Tanzania in her shadow. Mount Kilimanjaro is the jewel in Tanzania’s crown and a must see for visitors. Whether you decide to hike through the foothills where the icy cool streams and waterfalls tumble or begin the death defying ascent to the summit, every second will linger in your memory forever.

    4. Spice Island

    Zanzibar is only a hop, a skip and jump from Tanzania and is a wonderful experience. Wander the spice plantations and soak up the rich scent of vanilla pods, cardamom and fresh cinnamon. Lose yourself in one of the most unique capitals in the world and swim in the turquoise waters of the beaches that fringe the shores of Zanzibar.

    5. Kendwa Beach

    When the full moon burns bright Kendwa beach in Zanzibar comes to life. Full moon parties, hot little bars and pristine sands make this the number one beach to visit in Tanzania and Zanzibar. You can swim beneath the stars and stretch out on brilliant white sands to get the best from Tanzania’s beautiful beach scene.

    6. Mafia Island Diving Center

    The waters around Tanzania and Zanzibar are crystal clear and provide great opportunities for divers. You can swim out in Mafia Island and touch the blooming Coral beds, drift along with a school of rainbow fish and even float next to a stingray.

    stone-town7. Stone Town

    No experience in Zanzibar will beat getting lost in the winding maze like streets. Browse the curious bazars and haggle with the locals at the bright and bustling markets. There are plenty of restaurants, chic tea shops and boutique hotels to make your stay a beautiful experience.

    8. Sail in a Dhow

    You will often see the traditional wooden dhows setting sail across the calm blue waters, taking a ride in one is a great way of seeing the coastline and soaking up the sun and salt air whilst relaxing onboard.

    9. Gombe Stream National Park

    If you want to get up close and personal with our closest ancestors then take a day trip to the Gombe Stream National Park and spend the afternoon observing chimpanzees playing in their natural habitat.

    10. Camp Out on Safari

    There’s nothing like sleeping beneath the wide expanse of Tanzania’s night sky to the sound of a lion roaring close by. Many safaris offer the chance to set up camp in the wilderness.

    If you are interested in going on a Tanzania safari and touring this amazing country in the heart of East Africa then contact local experts Tanzania Adventure who can create custom holiday packages to see some of the greatest flora and fauna on the planet.

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