Top 5 Islands In Europe

    Visiting Europe for your vacation can be quite enticing and the great European Islands are bound to give you pleasure, excitement and adventure. However, there are several vital things that you should consider before travelling to these Islands.

    Weather: Always consider the weather in the island you intend to visit since this swill help you plan appropriately and know exactly what you need to bring along.
    Budget: Holidays need to be spent in the most pleasurable way possible. However, it is vital that you operate within your budget
    Safety: Always source all possible relevant information on an island to avoid any unwanted inconveniences.

    Guide on The Best Islands to Visit


    Also known as Sicilia in Italian, Sicily has 5 of the biggest sites of archaeology recognized by UNESCO. Sicily whose capital is Palermo is the largest Mediterranean island. It stands out from the rest of Italy mainly due to highly diversified and multicultural society. Sicily has been ruled by Africans, Asians and Europeans and therefore it boast several architectural and historic splendours such as the Rocky Necropolis and Val di Noto which are a major source of tourist attraction.


    Aeolian Islands: These are volcanic archipelagos with caves cliffs and rugged coast that are perfect for fishing and water sports.
    Tindari: It sin the province of Messina and hosts the black Madonna sanctuary.
    Etna: its located in Sicily’s east coast and is Europe’s the tallest and active volcano which is visible from the moon.
    Siracusa: Rich in Greek culture and history, Siracusa is also the birth place of Archimedes (Engineer and mathematician).

    There are several apartments and private villas scattered all over Sicily that offer you the much needed convenience, privacy and safety. As compared to hotel rooms, while renting a private villa or apartment, you will be dealing with the owner directly. Click this link now to see the list of private rentals in this island. 


    Lefkada, Greece
    Lefkada, Greece

    Lefkada is connected to the mainland by a floating bridge and a causeway. There is an airport near Preveza which is a 20 minutes to the north most tip of the town (Lefkas town). The most common and efficient means of getting around is by using rental cars. Porto Katsiki is a large sandy beach surrounded by cliffs and is tourist’s most favourite beach. You can get to the beach by boat from Vasiliki and Nidri harbor a journey which takes approximately 2 hours. On the other hand, it is also possible to drive and take the steps down the cliffs to the beach. The most common activities include; wind surfing, beach kite flying, sailing and boating. The island is famous for wind surfing mainly due to the consistent “Eric” winds. Due to it’s mountainous state (Over 70%), Lefkada offers one of Europe’s best Biking experiences.

    Lefkada has several short term rentals such as Villa Diana that are quite convenient for short term renting especially for tourists who value their space and convenience while on holiday.


    Located in thee Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinia which is also known as Sardegna is a large island located between the Italian peninsula and the Balearic Island to the south of Corsica. Except Coasta Smeralda, the rest of the island would not appeal to clubbers. The island in general appeals more to those whop love nature. The most common activities include:

    Sailing: It has become popular in the past 30 years. The island has many ports most of which can only be accessed by boat.
    Islands: Asinara Park is quite famous for the albino donkeys while the San Pierto islands are home to the fishermen community known as Genoese
    Coasts and beaches: Besides the many beautiful beaches, the eastern coast including Arbatax, Villasimius and maravera including others are quite beautiful.
    Sites and monuments: These include Oristano and calgiari just to mention a few.


    The best way to enjoy your stay is to find a holiday apartment or villa most of which are located close to the coast and therefore offer convenience. If you want a luxurious villa, then SardinaVilla or VillaDiana would be a viable option for you. While on holiday in Sardinia, there are several private villas and apartments you can rent which will most definitely give you the convenience and comfort as compared to hotel rooms. On the other hand, the apartment ensures that you get a personal insight into the holiday destination


    Azores is made of several islands in the Atlantic ocean and is a Portuguese region. The climate is mainly subtropical with fluctuations in the weather pattern but constant high humidity. The most common means of getting around the island is by renting a car.

    Azores panorama
    Azores – Stunning View

    Lagoa das Furnas is an active caldera with geysers, mud pots and stem vents.
    Lagoa da Fogo is a caldera that located high in the mountains and its beauty lies in the white sand beach and dramatic views.
    Faial Island: All boats stop at the Horta Harbour.
    Pico Island: This is home to Portugal’s highest mountain which stands at 2351 meters above sea level. Climbing the mountain takes two to three hours.

    Activities include: Dolphin and whale watching, moto for rides, Fishing, donkey rides, yachting, hiking, bird watching, guided tours, ferry, sport fishing, fishing and volcano climbing. For short term rentals in the Azores, private villas and cottages are sure to provide diversity and serenity by dealing directly with the owners to land the best deals and ensure that your stay is worthwhile. This ensures there is no commission and that you enjoy more space and privacy as compared to a hotel room.

    Faroe Islands

    Also known as Faeroe Islands, Faroe Islands are 18 islands located halfway between Norway and Iceland North-west of Scotland, in the Atlantic Ocean. Faroe Islands are quite beautiful: wind-swept, rugged and green. Most tourists visit between June and August.

    Faroe Islands
    Faroe Islands during summer

    Lættaratindur Mountain stands at 822 meters above sea level and is Faroe Islands’ highest mountain and is worth climbing.
    Beinisvord is Faroe Islands’ second highest cliff which is 470 meters tall and has a breath taking view. However, you should not get too close to the edge.
    The terrain around Lake Toftavatn is perfect for an outing with heather that stretches far and wide.
    Rinkusteinar also known as the rocking stoners are two large rocks that stands rocking in the waters of the ocean which is a strange phenomenon.

    To ensure the perfect holiday that is hassle and confusion free, it would be best to book villas cottages and private apartments direct from the owner which will ensure that there are no agency fees.

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