Top Ten Amazing Things to Do in Cornwall

    Cornwall is almost a law unto itself. A quiet, remote little corner of England, it nonetheless boasts its own flag, its own language, and a mysterious, mythical identity that is as alluring as it is proud.

    Amazing Things to Do in Cornwall
    Amazing Things to Do in CornwallChris Gin / / CC BY-NC-ND

    It’s no wonder that so many people choose to book cottages in Cornwall every year. Here’s the top 10 list of amazing things to do in Cornwall on your holiday.

    1. Visit the Minack Theatre

    The Minack theatre is a beautiful open air amphitheatre situated on the Lizard peninsula. Sit outside in the setting sun and watch your favourite plays re-enacted by a troupe of talented performers.

    1. Go Seal Watching

    Seals are plentiful in and around the Cornish coastline, and there are plenty of seal watching trips which you can take from the many coastal ports and harbours, such as Falmouth.

    1. Surf the North Coast

    Surfing is a popular pastime in Cornwall, and many surfers take to the seas each year off the north coast, where the winds and tides are most favourable.

    1. Sample the Local Food

    Cornwall is famous for its local produce, which includes a wide array of mouth-watering cheeses and fresh fish caught on the very same day. Visit one of the many local markets to sample some delicacies.

    1. Sing Sea Shanties

    Shanty singing is alive and well in the traditional pubs and ale houses of Cornwall, and many of them put on regular performances where they will encourage the audience to join in with them!

    1. Pay Your Respects to a King

    King Arthur’s Camelot Castle can be found in a beautiful cove at Tintagel on the North coast of Cornwall. A perfect day out, you can also stay in the nearby hotel.

    1. Geek out with Roald Dahl

    The Headland Hotel in Newquay was the setting for the film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book, The Witches. As creepy as it looks in the film, it’s also an amazing place to stay and offers unparalleled views of the coast.

    1. Learn the Ropes

    Sailing is a big part of Cornish life and there are always opportunities to try your hand at it. Take to the seas in a yacht and learn the ropes from a real sea dog.

    1. Shop til you Drop

    As well as being a haven for hippies, sailors and artists, Cornwall is also home to a dazzling array of beautiful boutique shops – perfect for the shopaholic in the family!

    1. Take to the Skies

    There’s no better way to see all of Cornwall at once than by taking to the skies in a hot air balloon. Balloon trips can be booked from a number of occasions, and are a truly magical way to enjoy your holiday.

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