Traveling to the Beaches of Israel

    Israel is renowned for many things – its world leading hi-tech, biotech, and biomedicine industries, its diamond industry, and its newsworthiness. However, perhaps one of the things for which Israel does not receive sufficient recognition is its beaches. Now, with spring in the air and summer around the corner, it may be an opportune time to discuss Israel’s superb beaches and beach culture.

    Beaches of Israel
    Beaches of IsraelIsrael Defense Forces / Beach Photos / CC BY-NC

    One way to start traveling the beaches of Israel is start from the south and work your way north. Eilat is the coastal town frequented by locals and tourists alike. Nestled on the Red Sea and bordered by Egypt and Jordan, Eilat is a laid back town dominated by tourist attractions, hotels, and pebbled beaches. As the city is located at Israel’s southernmost point, its weather differs from that of the rest of the country. It is warm in Eilat the whole year round. In summer, the heat is stifling, frequently reaching 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), however it is made bearable by the dryness of the heat and the beach.

    If you are expecting fine, powdery sand, warm water, and clear water; sorry to disappoint you. The sand is pebbly, and the water is cold, clear, and refreshing. The beach is also teeming with magnificent underwater wildlife. Eilat’s beaches are renowned for their exotic, tropical fish. So if snorkeling or scuba diving is your thing, the beaches of Eilat are a must visit.

    Tel Aviv beach, Israel
    Tel Aviv beach, IsraelIlan’s Photos / Beach Photos / CC BY

    About 3 hours north of Eilat is the city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is graced with the best that the Mediterranean Sea has to offer – wide expanses of fine, white sand, as well as warm and clean water. I suggest starting from the beaches in Jaffa – the southern part of Tel Aviv and leisurely make your way north to the more vibrant beaches of Tel Aviv proper. The foreshore is full of cafes and restaurants and the people watching is something to both behold and partake in.

    Herzliya, Israel - Herzliya Pituach best beaches Israel
    Herzliya, Israel – Herzliya Pituach best beaches IsraelRonAlmog / Beach Photos / CC BY

    About 15 minutes drive north of Tel Aviv is the city of Herzliya Pituach. Herzliya Pituach contains some of Israel’s best beaches and that is part of the reason Herzliya Pituach real estate is so highly coveted. You can keep on driving up the coast for your pick of other excellent beaches including Arsuf, Beit Yannai, and Michmoret.

    The Dead Sea in the east is a wonder of nature and is not to be missed. Its health properties and unique saltiness make it unlike any beach you will ever experience.

    Israel – a tiny country packed full of beaches to suit everyone’s tastes.

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