Top ten scariest adventure sports in the world

    A major part of what makes holidays fun is the opportunity to try new things – if you are a thrill-seeker then these will be some of the highlights of your trip.

    There are all sorts of things that will be slightly scary on holidays, whether it is approaching another group to make some friends while you are away, or exploring a new area that you have heard is not as tourist-safe as other spots. These might be scary in your head or actually genuinely intimidating.

    On the other hand, some things are just meant to be dead scary; below are a selection of adventure sports that you could try while abroad, but you may want to consider an adventure travel insurance policy before doing so, because they are pretty wild:

    Bungee – A classic of the extreme sports world – you step off a bridge or some other high-up structure with elastic material attached to your legs; rather than fall to your doom, you then spring back up again dangling from your ankles. You then yo-yo for a while until being helped off – terrifying but almost a rite of passage for gap year travellers these days.

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    White water rapids – The sound of the crashing water combined with the way your little boat is thrown about makes this a pretty scary experience – aim to go with some people who know their way around a boat in order to feel a little more comfortable.

    Paragliding – If you do a tandem ride with an instructor this can actually be quite a relaxing activity once you are in the air, but the initial run off a hill or cliff is fairly frightening. Make sure to do this somewhere beautiful.

    Sky diving – Another classic of the extreme sports genre, this involves you throwing yourself out of a small plane with a parachute attached to your back. Eek! Pretty much anyone who has tried this swears blind it is a wonderful experience, but on paper it looks like lunacy.

    No hand hold
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    Caving/potholing – If you have seen the film ‘The Descent’ then you might not be able to bring yourself to try caving – who knows what is down there! Essentially, you go – in a team – and explore caves, often needing to squeeze between rocks or dive underwater.

    Climbing – Even if you have visited a local sports centre and dominated the climbing wall, it may still come as a surprise as to how much of a thrill climbing in the real world can be – even with the safety equipment, it is a massive rush.

    Coasteering – The clue is in the name – coast. You basically make your way around a stretch of coast; climbing, swimming, walking or diving as necessary. If it is a beach then this will be a doddle, but once you throw in a few cliffs then this suddenly gets interesting.

    Leap of Faith
    ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser / / CC BY

    Banger racing – This sounds weird but is a lot of fun and can be done with limited means. You should be careful about health and safety, as people will often just find a barren piece of land and race a pair of old cars around it.

    Off-roading – This can encompass a range of different vehicles, but is perhaps most commonly done in a 4×4 jeep or a bike. The scary part is that the terrain is wild and your nerves are shredded instantly. Great fun though.

    Western-style bull riding – Stay on the bull as long as you can – arguably the craziest one of the lot.

    About the authorThis post was written by the thrill-seeking travel blogger Joe Elvin. He writes this article on behalf of travel insurer
    Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor
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