Affordably Enjoy a Thrilling Seaside Stay on the French Coast

    Renowned for museums and cheeses, France is one of the most visited tourist destinations attracting more than 80 million tourists per year. Most tourists are simply lured by the historic cities, scenic landscapes, cultural folklores, ideal beaches on the Riviera, rich food dishes, and ample opportunities for winter sports in Pyrenees and Alps. Moreover, even the annual agreeable climate facilitates great excursions. Although there are different types of attractions in France ranging from historical monuments to gourmet restaurants; a majority of travelers look for affordable seaside vacation in this great country.

    As a fact, tourists think that coastal holidays in France are really costly. However, that’s not true at all. It is not mandatory that the coastal glamour really has to break your budget. You can afford to live in stylish but economical places on the French coast to enjoy a great seaside stay. Here are some affordable coastal accommodations that you can consider for making your coastal French tour reasonable and enjoyable.

    Les Mouettes in Larmor-Plage (€98 for Doubles)

    Les Mouettes

    This is one of the affordable and chic hotels in Larmor-Plage, which boasts a white art deco to give you a feel of Miami’s South Beach. Nestled close to the city of Sailing Eric, La Thalassa, and Musee de la Compagnie des Indes; the hotel is right in front of the soft sandy dunes making it easy for you to slide down the beach. The area where it is nestled in very tranquil as it is the less crowded one on the Brittany’s coast. The hotel offers 21 clean and modern rooms that are economically priced. However, the centre of attraction is its pricey restaurant that is praised in the Michelin guide. With walls converted into full glass windows, you can truly soak into the mind blowing vistas of the Atlantic while dining. If you do not want spend lavishly in dining, you can cross the wooden pathway across the sand to Larmor-Plage resort that is known for its famous Sunday market to cook your own stuff.

    Prince De Galle in Menton (€70 for Doubles without Breakfast)


    Côte d’Azur’s Menton is the last destination on the French Riviera after which the frontier with Italy begins. Menton was once the dwelling place of the princess of Monaco, and this hotel was where the guards of the palace thrived. So, Prince de Galle is a historic palace that is now available as a reasonable accommodation here. Overlooking the Atlantic waters, the hotel is managed by a local family due to whom the royal rooms have not lost its charm. There is also a restaurant on the ground floor amidst the garden, which is regarded as the best gourmet place in Menton. Well, Menton itself is also an alluring stop on the shore with lively food market, pastel villas, and novel museum devoted to Jean Cocteau.

    Château de Bonabry in Hillion (€80 for Doubles)


    This hotel is one of the most fall-in-love accommodations in a flawless small village located in the east of Saint Brieuc on the north shore of Brittany. Built by the Viscount’s ancestors in 14th century; it is actually a group of pleasingly crumbling edifices amidst a graveled courtyard and charming gardens. The cluster offers two suites as well as rooms all of which are adorned with canopied beds, chandeliers, wallpapers, lampshades, and heavy patterned spreads. Although some corners look frayed, the charm of this place is yet intact. The courtyard holds a wooded path taking you to the beach at Bonabry where the tide goes so far that the sea is hardly seen very easily at the first sight.

    Bio: Greg Benes is a business man but loves to spend his holidays in Europe. According to him, his coastal holidays in France are among the most memorable ones because of its unique ambiance and great food along the pristine shore.

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