Touring Europe This Winter

    A European travel vacation is sure to have things of interest to every taste, from the beautiful cities of Paris, London, and Berlin for those looking for dining, shopping, and nightlife to the unparrelled mountain vistas of Switzerland and Austria. Though it is impossible to take in all the sites in Western Europe in a single vacation of average length, 10 well planned days will allow the visit of several countries. With reasonable costs for continental airfare or taking advantage of the comfortable train service for travel between countries, you can make a plan that hits some major highlights and gives you time to enjoy them.

    One such Itinerary would include 10 days with stops in London, Berlin, and Vienna. The cooler climates of these three cities will make the winter travel less busy and considerably cheaper but the nature of the activities provided will not be greatly affected.


    You can enjoy the amazing theater and entertainment in London in the evenings while seeing the same tourist hotspots during the day. Nobody is going to England for the weather regardless of time of year so take advantage of the offseason pricing and smaller crowds. The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham will still happen, a private capsule on the London Eye is just as impressive, Harrods is available for the most selective shoppers, and the West End Theater district is still the most impressive in the world. In the winter season you stand a much better chance of getting into the best shows as well. Odds of rain are still greater than snow whatever time of year and most activities are indoor activities making weather concerns minimal.

    London Winter
    London Wintergrytr / / CC BY-NC-ND


    While the lore of years past can still be remembered with visits to the museum for Checkpoint Charlie reminding you that Berlin was a city divided only years ago, walking around at the Brandenburg Gate is a reminder of the present. Berlin is now regarded as the most metropolitan city in all of Europe by most and while museums abound the nightlife is what makes Berlin a must see. The most impressive range of nightclubs, bars, and social meeting places in perhaps the world come alive every night of the week hosting an international party audience.

    Berlin Winter
    Berlin Winter96dpi / / CC BY-NC


    After fulfilling you’re your shopping and theater imagination in London, and the decadent self-indulgent pure adult entertainment desires in Berlin, Vienna will give you a chance to relax and recover slightly. While more sedated than the other two super metropolis, it will show you the post card beauty of old Europe in a laid back atmosphere. Beautiful mountain vistas, some skiing if that is of interest in the best ski mountains of all of Europe, and a chance to visit a location that is more Europe than international in flavor. If you did not already need it in Berlin, then definitely remember the down jackets for Vienna and Austria in the winter.  A trip into the mountains around Vienna will make it a must and the winter months are the best time for it.

    Vienna Winter
    Vienna Winterx1klima / / CC BY


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