Travel Guide to Kuwait: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    Kuwait is a country in the Middle East located at the tip of the Persian Gulf sharing its borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It’s a Muslim country whose economy is largely based on oil exports.

    Kuwait has its own unique culture and has become a hot tourist destination lately, and more welcoming to foreigners with more attractions opening up for public visits. With a perfect blend of modern and traditional, Kuwait has many things to look out for – its rich Arab culture, museums, stunning skylines and beautiful architecture.

    Visiting Kuwait would be a great choice, though you need to know few things before visiting so as to explore the best part of the tourist hotspot.

    Is Kuwait safe to visit?

    Kuwait was war-torn in 1991, with Iraqi invaders who mainly aimed for Kuwaiti’s oil. But now, things are far better and peaceful and Kuwait has come a long way in making progress to economic stability.

    Visa requirements for Kuwait

    You need a valid passport and Kuwait Visa for a trip to Kuwait. Online travel agencies like Cleartrip help with your visa application process by being fast, simple and smooth. You can your e-Visa approved in 5-7 business days.

    Best places to visit in Kuwait

    Kuwait Towers

    Built-in the late 70’s, the three towers are a major tourist attraction. You can enjoy a 360-degree view of Kuwait while on top of one of these towers. The view is magical, and you can also enjoy classic Arabian cuisine in one of the cafes and restaurants up here. It is located in Kuwait city, the capital of Kuwait.

    Kuwait National Museum

    For all those of you who are fans of Arab history and culture, you are going to have an amazing time here. The museum comprises of four sections – the Kuwait Heritage Museum, Archaeological museum, Boom al Mouhallab, and the Planetarium. Of that, the Heritage Museum was the most intriguing with artifacts and depictions of the Arabian history and its importance.

    Liberation Tower

    This beautiful tower is the second-tallest in the country and named so because of the Kuwaitis freedom from the Iraqis during the Gulf War in 1990. This tower also has an amazing view from the top with a revolving restaurant and a variety of cuisines to offer.

    Avenues Mall

    Of course, you would love to do some shopping when abroad, and this mall has everything you need for your retail therapy. The Avenues Mall is the largest in Kuwait and the second largest in the Middle East. It has 800+ stores including cafes, cinemas, restaurants and eateries. The mall has an insane architecture too.

    Failaka Island

    This island is highly recommended for a visit which is an hour’s ride by a ferry from Kuwait city. It is basically an uninhabited place which illustrates the destruction during the Gulf War. Nothing has been rebuilt thereafter on this island. This island gives you a first-hand experience of what war does to a country. It also has some archaeological sites that date back to the Bronze age.

    Beaches in Kuwait

    Kuwait’s coastline is gorgeous, and you can enjoy a number of activities like sunbathing, water sports etc. You will need to pay at the beach parks and beach clubs. Public beaches are free. Al Kout is the most visited by locals. Others include Aqua Park, Al corniche club, Regency Hotel etc.

    How to plan your trip

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