WAGs Largest Suitcases & Luggage Carry-Ons

    When it comes to travelling in style, WAGs are the ones to watch. Anyone who is someone knows how important it is to arrive in a new country looking just as glamorous as ever, even if they have been travelling for hours on end!

    Why is it that everyone besides WAGs decides its best to opt for comfortable clothing, with a suitcase that just about does the job? Usually a black, boring, zipped up number with a paper tag attached. Does this sound a little too familiar to you? The point is, WAGs have mastered a way to combine comfort and practicality with top end fashion and glossy lips. Now, arguably money isn’t something the WAGs have to worry about on a daily basis but can you really travel in style for less? Let’s look into the top designers, the classic ‘WAG’ airport style and all the practical things you need to take into consideration, such as weight, protection and the re-creation of the statement airport trend at a much lower price.

    First up is Coleen Rooney and her history of carry-ons and large suitcases. The WAG queen has been spotted at airports since the press can remember, with a series of suitcases following her. The most memorable suitcase in her possession was the classic Louis Vuitton, which every wife and girlfriend is renowned for showcasing.

    Coleen didn’t just purchase the typical high-class treasure though, she went as far as to get hers personally monogrammed! The suitcase itself is ultra-expensive but this version cost a cool £2,630. In 2011 she was papped featuring the new addition of her suitcase collection.

    A year before this flash of cash, Coleen was photographed on her arrival back into Manchester after a holiday in Barbados and Las Vegas. The ‘Real Woman’ star had shown how far from reality she really has come when she had to hire a whole van just for her luggage! She had an assistant to load it all on for her, straight from the trolley that someone else had pushed, and she was seen holding just a small Chanel handbag with a clutch Louis Vuitton make up bag under her arm.

    Just shortly after this incident she arrived in Moscow with a few other WAG friends only to find her luggage had been lost. The bag in question was of course another Louis Vuitton but we’re sure there’s plenty where that came from!

    More recently spotted is the ultimate goddess of style, the one and only Victoria Beckham. Posh spice has never been one to pack lightly but in 2012 we got to see extreme packing at its best. The top WAG tweeted her diva ways by sharing a picture of pilled up suitcases, one after another in the back of a shiny black car. She claims it was her team’s luggage but not everyone is confident enough to believe that!

    We think it’s clear to see that the traditional WAGs stance has made not only headlines but history. The beautiful carry-ons in the crook of the arm, with a manicured hand pulling a super-sized designer suitcase elegantly across the floors is synonymous with fame, fortune and travel. So, what exactly is practical about that? For starters, they have so much money that they don’t really have to carry their own suitcases and secondly, they don’t have much trouble trying to find which one is there’s at the other side.

    For the majority of people reading this, life isn’t so luxurious. Getting back down to earth after reading the super-glossy magazines can be hard, but with a little help you too can feel like the airport is your catwalk. Before anything, we need to eliminate the no-go zones of airport couture. Why is it people wrap cling film around there suitcases when they arrive at the airport?

    Many people wish to protect their luggage when travelling, which of course is perfectly reasonable. Cling film protects the suitcases from damage they can sometimes experience through all the handling. It is also seen as a way to warn of any robbers or thieves. If you’re a fashionista then this practicality is just not for you! Instead, invest in a simple classy lock.

    Next, is combination. Matching what you’re wearing with your suitcase can be the difference between glamour and glad rags. When you’ve purchased a high quality suitcase, you won’t have to do it again for a lifetime! (Unless you travel abroad every other day, in which case…why are you reading this?)

    If you’re hoping to bring swag into the mix, then your carry-on really must match too. A pair of dark sunglasses, lip-gloss and a hairbrush should be essentials packed in your hand luggage on any journey, in order to give you that quick fix. Make sure that your baggage doesn’t cost you more than its worth though! Each individual is allowed 2 pieces of luggage for free. The maximum weight allowance is 23kg, anything over and you will have to pay the price, and the paparazzi would love that.

    Louboutins may be out of the question, with killer heels not likely to be the best option for a non-celeb. Opt for a stylish simple pair of boots and leggings. Leggings are a great choice as they are warm but can be teamed with a dress for when you land in a hot destination.

    A black leather jacket, or jean jacket, is ideal for travelling as they are most versatile and robust and they never go out of fashion. A patterned scarf can help with the changeable weather conditions on the plane and still look attractive. If you like to wear an eye mask, make sure you purchase a fashionably acceptable one. Monsoon has drop-dead gorgeous collections to choose from, so fellow passengers can envy you even when you’re sleeping!

    Passing time for the duration of the journey is a regular battle but don’t let your appearance slip. Bling your possessions out in a slightly subtle way with crystal collection earphones. Swarvoski is the ‘it’ place for this, or try Beats by Dr Dre.

    This post has been brought to you by the team from Lok’nStore; one of the leading UK specialists in self storage.

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