Ways to Easily De-Stress on Business Travel

    passenger-traffic-122999_640Traveling for business is often very stressful for many individuals. Why? Most likely it’s caused by the extra stress of traveling in addition to their normal workload. Sometimes it’s simply too overwhelming and results in stress.

    Other factors contribute to stress as well like working on a plane or train, lack of sleep, and making poor food choices. These all work to increase stress levels for business travelers. Here are a few effective and simple ways to de-stress while traveling:

    Try these tips to get a handle on your stress and feel good again…


    Breathe Deep: Take long, slow, deep breaths in and out releasing all the pent up negative energy from your body. It sounds simple, but it’s actually highly effective. Practicing this will ease the stress from your system and will eventually help you unwind and refocus. Pretend your belly is a balloon and try to fill it up with air to its capacity; then slowly let it deflate while letting negative thoughts leave your mind as well.


    Get Comfortable: When packing for business travel, primarily use one color scheme so you only have to pack just one pair of travel-friendly shoes (this may be more challenging for women). Select clothes that are geared towards business but are also appropriate and comfortable for traveling long distances.Is there a whole team of you going? Sometimes an air charter is the best option when you’re travelling in a large group, as they can accommodate the many individuals needs and can hold the plane until everyone is on board.


    Put Yourself in a Better State of Mind: It’s pointless to get stressed about something you have zero control over such as a flight delay, poor hotel service, or the weather. Get in the mindset that you can handle anything that comes your way with ease and grace. Remember, you can never control a situation, but only how you react to it.


    Stay Hydrated, Eat Healthy, and Exercise: It’s even more crucial to eat right and exercise while away on travel. Why? Because this is exactly what keeps your mind and body working in top form. Don’t like hotel exercise rooms? Take a brisk walk outside to get your blood flowing and clear your mind. Also, the fresh air and Vitamin D-rich rays from the sun will do your mind, body, and spirit wonders.


    These are just a few key ways to de-stress while traveling for business. Everybody’s different so find what works best for you – maybe yoga? Whatever helps you relax, be sure to incorporate it into your everyday lifestyle, especially on business travel. Happy people are mostly stress-free.

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