What makes the Top Cities in America

    Many people love travelling to different places for various reasons. Some want to travel and discover new places while others want to go shopping. Food is another reason that makes people travel to other places, so that they can sample the culinary experiences of other cultures. Each of the top cities in America has unique attractions that make people want to visit them.

    Top Cities in America
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    The ranking below was made after a research conducted among readers of Travel + Leisure magazine.

    New Orleans 

    This city also known as Crescent City is loved by travellers for its fine food, attractive architecture and antiques. There is plenty of music to entertain the people who come to visit. The music scene available here cannot be compared to any other. It is in a class of its own. If a traveller is looking for a place to relax, this is the right place to visit.

    Santa Fe

    Travellers looking for a wild time should not come to this city. It is attractive because of its mellow and cultured pursuits. Travellers can appreciate various architectural designs, visit art galleries or shop in some of the top-rated shopping malls. The shops stock items from all over the world to give visitors an international mix of items to buy.


    It is also known as Music City and it is ranked second for its street performances and music. The people are very friendly, safe to visitors and very clean. Travellers also like the place because of the reliability of its wireless coverage. The local twang was also found to be popular among the readers.

    New York

    The Big Apple takes pride in being the nerve centre of American life. There are very many people in the city which makes it bustle with activity. Everything on the street underscores the briskness of life in the city. There are fabulous shopping malls for people to buy vintage items.

    Minneapolis/St. Paul

    The Twin Cities were voted by readers because of having intellect and good taste. The local people were considered to be quite smart and their shops stocked very attractive items for interior décor. Although Minnesota was scored poorly for having lengthy winters, it still attracted visitors because of its great parks.

    San Diego

    This city is preferred by many travellers because of its fine weather. However, there are other attractions apart from the blue skies. It is voted as having attractive and physically fit people in the whole of US. There are also activities suitable for the entire family. There are also many parks all around the city suitable for relaxation. It is important to take out a collision damage waiver policy to cover for any accidents that might occur when renting a car.

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