What to Expect from Your UCLA Campus Tour

    UCLA, home to the Bruins basketball team, is known to have won the first 100 NCAA championship. The university also ranks as one of the top collegiate schools in the South with over 44,000 undergrad and graduate students per year.

    Exploring the historic school is possible with the UCLA campus tour offered to incoming students and guests. It is a two-hour experience with a 30-minuted admission welcome and presentation and a 90-minute walking tour.

    The campus tour will allow you to experience university life with highlights on the college’s academic programs, its vast resources, amenities, and the everyday life of a student. This can be a unique experience, especially for incoming students who would like to get a feel of UCLA.

    What You Need to Take Note when Joining the Tour

    The UCLA tour packages are only available per slot, and prospective students are required to make their reservations before the tour admissions. The state university does not offer wait listing and limited slots per day can only be taken advantage.

    There are no dress codes for joining the campus tour, and participants are advised to wear comfortable shoes. This is because the tour includes lots of stair climbs and long walks around the campus. For students with special needs, the university offers assistance from wheelchair accommodations to a sign language interpreter.

    Tours are scheduled from Monday to Saturday and can be taken as an individual or a group tour request. There are also several tour packages available including the Library tours, visiting classes, and the Specialty School Tours.

    Self-guided Tours are Also Available in UCLA

    A self-guided UCLA campus tour is one way to discover UCLA without the guidance of a touring escort. This is one convenient way of managing your own time without the constraints of a guided tour. Though it is an excellent way to explore the campus, you will only have limited access compared to a guided tour.

    Nonetheless, visiting UCLA by yourself also needs to be scheduled. Your tour package though will include the sites you can visit and which buildings you will have access. Though not as comprehensive and information-packed as a guided tour, this is one right way of experiencing the UCLA campus.

    Tips to Make Your UCLA Visit Unforgettable

    Graduating students who are researching their chosen colleges and universities can get a first-hand experience with a guided tour. To make your visit extra memorable, here are some practical tips.

    1. Talk to the students on campus. A UCLA campus visit is never complete without getting the answer to your questions. When on the site, you should also interact with the students to get a better picture of the university’s culture and what life is in the campus.
    2. Get a first-hand feel of the academic departments. Exploring the academic departments, including the feeling of every class lecture will allow you to get a feel on how everything works.
    3. Don’t forget to visit the study lounges and dining halls. To get a real feel of the university atmosphere, visit the dining hall or the study lounges. This is where most students converge when getting food or spend some time on their paper works.

    To get a well-rounded campus, visit without asking questions. So, when joining a University of California, Los Angeles, make sure to leave the place with all the information you need.

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