4 Interesting Travel Routes to the Antarctic Peninsula

    Antarctica is a haven for nature lovers. Animal wildlife abounds in the area. Leopard seals, penguins, and humpback whales are just a few of the animals found on the continent. Different species of birds that migrate to the mainland at certain times of the year make it an exciting place to visit.

    The continent also offers adventures with nature. You can do polar deeps, for example. Polar deep is when you do scuba diving under the polar ice caps. You may also choose to do the Zodiac tours and hop through the remote places of the peninsula.

    Kayaking and sailing are also popular activities. You can enjoy the breath-taking view as you sail alongside the seals and whales.

    If you enjoy outdoors, go camping under the stars. Listen to the calls of the birds and smell the icy freshness of the air around you.

    Antarctica is the land where your ultimate dreams of adventure can come true. So, have you decided on how to get to Antarctica? Below are some of the traditional ways tourists take to reach the islands of the Antarctic Peninsula.

    Classic Western Voyage

    This way is the cheapest way to go to the continent. You would have to take a cruise ship boarding it at Ushuaia, Argentina. Your next two days would be spent sailing across the waters of the Drake Passage.

    The journey would take at least eight days or more as the cruise ship passes through 20 islands belonging to the South Shetland group. After making a stop at Half Moon Island and Deception Island, it then heads towards the Antarctic Peninsula.

    Some tourists prefer taking this long trip by the sea so they can relax and unwind more.

    Cross the Antarctic Circle

    This way is a route less used by travel tours. Although this is the best and convenient way to get there. If you choose this passage, you gain two more days which you could spend taking more photos along the way. Some of the attractions that you would see are the seals and whales.

    Antarctic, South Georgia, and the Falklands

    Your magical 21-day journey starts at Buenos Aires, where you board a ship by the legendary Falkland Islands, best known for the naval battle between the mighty British navy and those of Argentina. Then you sail across Port Stanley where you can find the nests of the penguins and albatrosses.

    The Ross Sea from New Zealand

    Few ships travel each year from New Zealand or Australia to the peninsula by way of the Ross Sea. It is the longest route, taking a month and may even take longer if you encounter severe weather conditions. During such weather, the winds are strong and very cold. Sightseeing is not advisable during these conditions.

    For people who love extreme adventure, this is an ideal route to travel. It offers exciting opportunities to explore the ice peninsulas you passed by as you sail towards Antarctica. Just imagine deep ice diving beneath the icy waters, withstanding the freezing temperatures.

    Whichever way to travel to the peninsula you choose, it would be best to consult a travel guide. Polar Holidays is a company that specializes in assisting tourists on how to get to Antarctica. Visit their website now to learn about their Antarctica tour packages.

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