Why Molokini Snorkeling Should Be On Your Bucket List

    Conquering your fears to try out new activities is a great way to maximize any trip. Experiencing new activities that are only available in the country you’re visiting will surely make your trip one for the books. This will also enable you to appreciate local traditions and natural wonders.

    For your next holiday, consider trying out Molokini snorkeling. Molokini is a crescent-shaped islet located in Hawaii. Molokini is partially submerged in volcanic water and is known as a popular tourist attraction for water activities, such as riding a glass boat, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

    Hawaii is a state known for its beautiful and sometimes, unusual beaches. This should be reason enough for you to try out snorkeling in Molokini.

    But, if you need more convincing, here are other reasons why snorkeling in Molokini should be part of your bucket list:

    1. Choose From Different Tours

    Traveling to a new destination boosts your happiness and wards off depression. It can also enhance your creativity and create opportunities to make new friends. But, on the other side of the coin, being in a new environment can be scary. Where will you even start? How can you arrive at your destination?

    When snorkeling in Molokini, you don’t have to ask these questions to yourself. There are actually several tours and trips available for tourists like you (click here to see some of the most popular trips taken by tourists to enjoy the islet).

    Aside from snorkeling, you can enjoy an adventure sunset sail or watch whales. Depending on your preferences, you can book a tour that solely includes snorkeling or add in other activities.

    The availability of these tours will make it very easy for you to make your way around Molokini and enjoy several other activities. Booking for these tours in advance will also provide convenience since you won’t have to create your own itinerary the moment you arrive in the islet.

    1. Has A Rich History

    Your experience when traveling is always a great conversation starter. If the person you’re talking to hasn’t gone to the country you recently visited, you can tell them about your experience. When you snorkel in Molokini, you will not only have great stories to tell about your trip, but you can also share how the destination is actually part of history.

    Out of three, Molokini is one of the volcanic calderas in the world. This islet was formed around two thousand years ago during a volcanic explosion and was first used by ancient Hawaiians as an area to fish.

    After a couple of years, Molokini was utilized by early settlers to hunt seabirds and gather their feathers and eggs for food and profit. Eventually, the islet became the location for the harvest and trade of black corals.

    When visiting Molokini, make sure to ask for more information from your local tour guide about the history of the islet. Aside from sharing to your friends and family how memorable your snorkeling experience was, let them know how rich the history of Molokini is. For sure, this information will excite them to visit Molokini soon!

    1. It’s A Marine Preservation Area

    Snorkeling is no longer new. This recreational activity is available in other tourist destinations in the world. You can snorkel anywhere as long as you have the proper gear.

    However, snorkeling in Molokini will take your experience to a whole new level as this island is isolated and considered as a marine preservation area.

    Since 1977, Molokini has been a marine preserve. Only boats that have moorings (a permanent structure used to secure a vessel in place) are allowed to set sail near the islet to prevent damaging the reef from anchors.

    Because of the islet’s status, expect to experience the following when snorkeling:

    • Superior waters: The water around the islet is known to be superior and provides unsurpassed clarity. The visibility of the water is still excellent, even if you snorkel at 150 feet. Unlike other spots for snorkeling, Molokini has no soil to wash down into the water.

    The clarity of the water in this islet allows sunlight to easily penetrate underwater. Because of this, algae living in the coral can thrive and reproduce. This results in healthy coral reefs and marine life.

    • Marine species: Since the islet is a marine preservation area, it has become a safe and healthy breeding ground for endemic marine species, such as the Black triggerfish, Bluefin Trevally, and Moorish Idol.

    Try Other Outdoor Activities

    Now that you know how unique and exciting snorkeling in Molokini is, start planning for your trip. Look for affordable flights and book your accommodation as soon as possible. If you still have time, consider trying out other water activities in the islet, as well.

    Molokini Snorkeling
    Molokini Snorkeling

    Regardless of your experience and skills in snorkeling, Molokini will always have something to offer that’s perfect for you!

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