5 best places for sports tourism in Europe

    Sports tourism has widely grown over the years and it is among the top reasons why people travel today. Many people going for tourism all around the world are doing it for sports. All they do is identify a sports event happening in the year that they would want to enjoy and plan to be in that country when the sport is happening. The range of sports offering this kind of tourism include golf, football, racing and so on. Europe is a great destination for sports tourism and these are 5 of the best places to go on such occasions:

    1. Algarve, Portugal

    The Vale da Pinta Golf Course is ranked among the top golf courses in and around Europe today. If you want to get the best of golfing activities, the Algarve, Portugal offers you the best of options. As a traveler, you will get to have the most of travel experience and golf tourism on beautiful golf courses. Characteristic of elegant designs and packed with great facilities, these Algarve golf courses are a dream destination for all golf enthusiasts from around the world. The country’s rich culture and history blends in together with this sport for great traveler experience.

    1. Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany

    Football is a big sport in Europe and there definitely are many stadiums hosting great football games. Most attention in this sport centers in England and Spain but they are not the only places to consider when going for a football tourism experience. The Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany gives travelers unique experiences, which is the home to the renowned Bayern Munich club and was very instrumental in the hosting of a number of matches in the 2006 football world cup. You definitely would want to make this consideration for your sports tourism.

    1. Roland Garros in Paris, France

    Tennis enthusiasts should consider travelling to Roland Garros in Paris, France for incredible experiences. This is especially when you get to watch Rafael Nadal taking part in the sport. It will be a thrilling experience for anyone who loves tennis. All you need is to find out when your most cherished sportsmen are playing and plan to travel during that time. The French open is definitely a wonderful experience to see things live and in a closer view better than you have seen in TV.

    1. Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo, Monaco

    Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo is the destination for those who love professional racing. The Monaco Grand Prix is a famous sporting activity in Europe offering a great experience for racing enthusiasts. Consider travelling to Monaco and get the fun exhibited through professional racers. There are great amenities and sights to see as you enjoy these activities. While here, you can visit the Monte Carlo Casino, neighboring cafes and other facilities to spice your stay there.

    1. Aintree Race Course in Liverpool, England

    Visit the Aintree Race Course in Liverpool for the Grand National Steeplechase race for a thrilling horse racing competition. If you love seeing horses racing, then you should consider going to Liverpool, England for a natural feel of the escapade live. This comes with other festive elements such as champagne, gaudy fashion and live music among other things to spice up the occasion. With the race on top of the things to enjoy here, you will get the best of experience tagging along with other enthusiasts like you while on these grounds.

    Final Advice

    Travelling to Europe for sports tourism? There is a lot of information available on where your dream sport is happening. Do your research and plan in advance to get the sport in action.

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