5 Best Places To Travel If You Love Mushrooms

    Adding an unparalleled, savory taste to soups, sauces, pasta, and pastries, mushrooms are many a foodie’s delights. Indeed, natures’ undeniable gift to the culinary world, mushrooms occur naturally worldwide.

    Some of the mushroom-growing regions appeal to mushroom enthusiasts in unimaginable ways.

    Here are the 5 best places to travel if you love mushrooms:

    1. Tlaxcala, Mexico:

    Transforming into a dreamland of wild mushrooms between May and the beginning of September, Tlaxcala offers ample scope for mushroom foraging. You can take several guided mushroom tours during monsoon in the Mexican state, learning to differentiate the edible specimens from the poisonous ones.

    Expect to find edible varieties of the black, wrinkle-capped helvella and the flattened-convex capped lactarius here. Enjoy mushroom tastings while on your guided expedition. Also, while staying over at a close-by hotel, spend the evening, relishing wine and delicious mushroom appetizers like chipotle mushrooms.

    1. Vancouver, Canada:

    Vancouver Island has an extremely vast, biodiverse forest, full of edible mushrooms like chanterelles, pine mushrooms, morels, and lobster mushrooms.

    Several fishing resorts on the Canadian island not only offer expert-led foraging sessions but also include the wild mushrooms which you find, into your meals. For instance, how about savoring oyster mushroom soup and grilled lamb chops with morels?

    If you’re planning to travel in October, look forward to attending Vancouver Island’s annual mushroom festival. At this fun and educational event, you can find a large display of the island’s native mushrooms and talk with mushroom experts. Also, you can buy fresh as well as dried mushrooms and books and artwork related to mushrooms.

    1. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

    How about mushrooms getting you high? While traveling to Amsterdam, look forward to feeling relaxed and content with the correct dosing of magic mushrooms.

    Chew magic mushrooms thoroughly, or consume them in the form of tea, lemon juice, sauces, and capsules. Walk into the Dutch capital’s several smart shops, i.e. the stores selling various types of magic mushrooms. Before making a purchase, you can ask the staff for any advice related to the mushrooms.

    1. Kyoto, Japan:

    Home to a variety of Sansai (Japanese for mountain vegetables), the city of Kyoto abounds in Japanese mushrooms like matsutake and maitake. This heaven of mushrooms also features excellent restaurants ready to spoil you with sesame flavored maitake mushroom soup and grilled matsutake mushrooms!

    How about some mushroom shopping here? Walkthrough Kyoto’s famous Teramachi Shopping Arcade, where you’ll find specialty shops selling matsutake mushrooms.

    If you’re keen on a perfect adventure, set out in rugged, mountainous terrain to gather the most loved mushrooms here.

    1. Brussels, Belgium:

    Did you know that organic beer waste produces some of the finest mushrooms? In the Belgian capital, you’ll find exotic mushroom species grown from the used-up grains in breweries.
    Nearly a thousand mushroom species including oyster mushrooms and brittlegills thrive in Brussel’s Sonian Forest. While walking amid the vast forest, you’re permitted to pick mushrooms from a specified piece of land.
    Won’t you like to try delicious mushroom cuisine in the city? Visit Café des Spores, a cool cafe serving mushrooms like the well-liked chanterelles and porcini in every dish, including the sweet course.

    mushroom-growing regions
    mushroom-growing regions


    Now you know some of the best places to travel for enjoying mushrooms. So, where are you planning your mushroom getaway?


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