5 Things to Do in Sebastian, Florida

    Vacations are essential for our well-being. That little vacation in a tropical paradise or that serene fishing trip can recharge our tired senses. And if you’re looking for a new place to travel to, Sebastian, Florida might be the place for you.

    Sebastian is a city near the Indian River County of Florida. It has been a fishing village since the 1800s. The city boasts fishing spots, wildlife reserves, and surfing locations. Get ready for an exciting adventure!

    Where to Stay?

    When choosing vacation rentals Sebastian FL, look for a place near the Indian River (probably somewhere you have direct access to the river).

    vacation rentals Sebastian FL
    vacation rentals Sebastian FL

    For one, it will give you the best views of the sunrise. Imagine watching the sunrise from your front porch. It would be simply amazing.

    More than that, this is the best location to take advantage of what Sebastian has to offer as it is right in the middle of the city. Once you have decided on where to stay, you can get started on the following activities.

    Go Fishing!

    Sebastian is home to a lot of fishing spots with varying difficulty levels. It isn’t called one of the best fishing cities in the world for nothing. Here are some areas you can consider.

    • Sebastian Inlet State Park

    • Indian River Lagoon Preserve State Park

    • St. Sebastian River State Park

    If fishing is going to be your primary activity, better choose vacation rentals in Sebastian, FL near Sebastian Inlet. You can then start fishing on your private dock. With this, you will have an easier time traveling to other fishing spots because most of them are very close to each other by boat.

    Surf Your Heart Out

    Sebastian Inlet is famous not only for fishing. It is also a favorite spot for those who ride the tide for fun. It’s a surfing spot famous for its dynamic waves. Surfing competitions are held here during specific times of the year. So if you want to practice your cutbacks or rodeo flips, it’s the place to be.

    Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge for the Nature Seekers

    Nature is at the heart of Sebastian. Marvel at the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, the first wildlife refuge in the US. It’s a 5.5-acre refuge for both wildlife and sea creatures.

    There is plenty to do here. You can go fishing, observe wildlife, and go hiking along beautiful trails. The hiking areas provide an interactive trail tour where you can scan QR codes for information, photos, and videos of certain areas.


    If you’re into extreme sports, Sebastian offers the most scenic skydives in the world. Starting at $690, you can tick this item off your bucket list by taking a leap of faith. Go ahead and take the most adrenaline-fueled jump of your life!

    Eat your fill at Crab-E-bills Seafood

    With all this touring, you may just want to sit back, relax and eat the best seafood you can get (without undue efforts toward fishing). Feast on the mouth-watering fresh catch in Crab-E-bills Seafood. It offers some of the best catch and dishes in the whole of Sebastian. To top it off, you get a spectacular view of the Indian River.

    If you’re visiting, you must order the Mahi-mahi which is quite delectable. Do enjoy your stay in Sebastian!

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