Amsterdam – up in smoke?

    Why it is said that Amsterdam is up in smoke? There will be reasons behind this saying. People who want to learn about the reason should read this discussion.  As a matter of fact Europe is a continent of beauty and attraction. There are so many countries popular for the tourism. Netherland is among the top 5 destinations for the young tourists who want to enjoy the great freedom and entertainment. Recently, many rumors have been found in the area about the restrictions for the tourists. In fact, the Amsterdam is a city of cannabis. Yes, you can get the cannabis from the coffee shops easily. The government of Netherlands had soft rules for the drug’s use. Nowadays, this government is taking actions in order to limit the use of cannabis and other famous drugs.

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    Current situations in Amsterdam for the drug usage:

    In fact, the use of drugs is so common in Amsterdam. The high use of drugs is making the tourists coming to Amsterdam. It is a big fact that biggest reason that attracts the tourists in this famous city is the easy availability of drugs. For example, you can buy cannabis. Is it really possible? Yes, the coffee shops of this city are famous for the supply of cannabis. However, this supply is under strict actions.

    What they have done?

    It is an important question for the people who want to know about the strict actions and steps taken by the Dutch government. In Amsterdam you were allowed to take cannabis from the coffee shops. These coffee shops were selling this drug under license. Nowadays, it is not possible for the tourists to get the drugs from these shops. It means there will be no interest for the British tourists. Yes, the fact is really worst for the people who just love to take tobacco smoke in Amsterdam. Because of the increasing situation the government took many decisions to control the drug usage.

    Who can enjoy the coffee shops in Amsterdam?

    Only the people having age of 18+ can use the services of coffee shops. It means that if you are above 18 years then you can buy only 5 g of cannabis. Wait for a second and find another interesting fact. This facility is only for the residents of Amsterdam. Yes, this is the interesting thing that is limiting the enjoyment and entertainment for the foreigners. Government has made strict policies in this regard. It is not possible for the tourists to visit the shops where cannabis is present. In case if they visit these shops they will be unable to purchase it.

    What will be the impacts?

    Definitely, this step is excellent to control the increase in smoking in Amsterdam but it is placing effects on tourism industry. However, it is better for the limited use of drugs in this main city. Efforts are being made by the responsible authorities to finalize the policies and protocols for this issue. After a week you will be no longer able to buy drugs in Amsterdam.

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