Seven Tips to Stay Safe While Traveling Alone

    Whether you’re looking into some fun European tours for your next vacation or you want to stay close to home, there are precautions you can take to feel safe while traveling alone. Consider seven simple tips that can help you enjoy peace of mind as you take an exciting trip by yourself.

    Stay Safe While Traveling Alone
    Stay Safe While Traveling Alone

    Give Two Friends a Copy of Your Itinerary

    Before you leave, give two of your close friends an itinerary of your trip. The itinerary should be detailed enough to include where you will be staying in certain cities, when you plan to be there and how long you plan to stay. In short, you want two friends to have information about where you are in case there is an issue.

    Make Sure Your Phone is Always Charged

    A cellphone or Smartphone is a must-have item on a trip. You can use it to find various attractions, restaurants, shops and more. Plus, keeping your phone charged at all times means you can call for the assistance of local authorities. Having a charged phone with you at all times means you can enjoy your trip knowing help is only a call away.

    Check In Regularly with Your Friends at Home

    Checking in regularly with your friends at home serves two purposes. For one, you can let your friends know how your trip is progressing. Describe some of the interesting things you’ve seen and done. Also, checking in via phone or email means your friends know you are doing well and following your itinerary.

    Pay Close Attention to Your Surroundings

    Paying close attention to your surroundings is important at all times. It’s especially important when you are traveling alone. For example, when you check into your hotel room, get familiar with where the fire exits are located as well as the location of the elevators. Plus, learn the routes from your hotel to the nearest restaurants and other businesses. Attending to your surroundings can help you feel more secure in a place you’ve never visited before.

    Get to Know the Names of Hotel Employees

    When you check into your hotel, take note of the name of the hotel manager as well as others working at the front desk. If you need to call the front desk to address an issue or ask a question about the room’s security, you know who to ask for. You can get to the person you need to talk to a lot quicker if you know the individual’s name. Plus, it never hurts to introduce yourself to the front desk staff members. Chances are, they will remember you and recognize your voice if you call from your room.

    Put Local Emergency Numbers in Your Phone

    When visiting a new city, find out what the local emergency number is and save it in the contacts in your phone. So, if an emergency or health issue arises, you don’t have to waste time searching for the number that is going to get you immediate assistance. Be sure to erase the number when you put one in for the next city you visit.

    Keep Your Traveling Status Private

    Make an effort to keep private the fact that you’re traveling alone. For instance, if you are dining in a restaurant, ask for a table for two. Then, put your coat over the unused chair. Anyone looking around a restaurant for someone dining alone will probably think you are saving the chair for a friend. Or, if you are checking into a hotel, don’t announce to the hotel employee that you are traveling alone and need some suggestions of what to see. If you want suggestions from the hotel staff, you can call down to the lobby and have a private conversation with someone who knows the area.

    Lastly, traveling alone allows you to set the entire itinerary. You can spend extra time at the museums, restaurants, shops and more without feeling you’re neglecting your travel companions. Remember, taking just a few easy precautions can give you peace of mind while you’re traveling alone.

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