Awesome Animals in Australia

    animals in australia

    Did you know that there are around 390 different mammal species in Oz? And on top of this 850 bird and 760 reptile species?

    So if you’re visiting Australia make sure you visit at least one of these awesome animal enclosures.

    Billabong Sanctuary

    Located near Townsville in the North of Queensland you’ll find the Billabong Sanctuary, a great place to bring the family and get to know the animals of Australia. Its spread across 25 acres of supreme woodland, luscious wetlands and beautiful rainforest and you’ll find many animals meandering as they please.

    While you won’t find ALL the Aussie animals in this sanctuary, there are over 100 species to get you started. Our favourite is the saltwater crocodile that has jaws to snap! But if these long lizards aren’t your thing, you can visit the numerous other animals that crawl, jump and hop in the sanctuary.

    If you have the kids with you they will absolutely love the interactive animal programs available. They’ll have the opportunity to hold a soft koala or furry wombat and for the more daring youngster they can quiver while a python slithers across their shoulders…ssscary!

    Cairns Tropical Zoo

    Further up North you’ll find the Cairns Tropical Zoo, which is home to many Australian wildlife species. At 15 acres it’s a bit smaller than the Billabong Sanctuary, however has lots of attractions like the Free Flying Bird Show.

    There are beautiful gardens to walk through on your way to see the next animal. And the zoo has all those iconic Aussie animals (koala, kangaroo, crocodile), as well as some from overseas (Nepalese Red Pandas and Ring-tailed Lemurs).

    The Lady Bowen Wreck off Mission Beach

    The area surrounding Cairns is also famous for its underwater creatures, as away from the shore; there are still plenty of animals to be found in the ocean and the reefs. And what better place to search for marine life than the iconic Lady Bowen Wreck?

    Here’s a bit of Australian history… On the 19th of August 1894 the large schooner Lady Bowen sunk in the waters nearby Mission Beach. And it has now remarkably become its own reef, providing an incredible dive spot for many holiday goers.

    So if you’re visiting this part of the sunshine coast make sure you experience the beauty of the underwater world of the Lady Bowen Wreck. There’s an array of exquisite coral and beautiful fish species, sea snakes and turtles.

    Lamington National Park

    South of Brisbane, Lamington is home to some great Aussie animals – jumping kangaroos, cute koalas and fluffy wombats –which are found away from civilisation in the bush and rainforests.

    You’ll be bound to spot an animal or two! Almost everyone who visits Lamington has a story of spotting a bluetongue lizard or a cheeky goanna. But one animal that is sure to fly into your sights is an Aussie bird, such as the Regent and Satin Bowerbirds, Crimson Rosellas and King Parrots and the cheeky Australian Brush-turkeys (often spotted steeling food from visitors).

    Apart from the animal spotting you’ll have spectacular views of the stunning rainforests, which are part of the World Heritage Site Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

    Crocosaurus Cove

    In Darwin you’ll find many animal sanctuaries and enclosures, but one of the most talked about is Crocosaurus Cove, as you’ll have the opportunity to enter the ‘Cage of Death’ and go down into the waters to watch the crocodiles up close. This 15 minute activity is perfect for those adrenaline seekers and anyone who wants a unique experience while holidaying in Oz.

    Heading downunder? Well you are in for a treat with so many amazing animals to see and incredible places to visit. Don’t forget your camera!

    Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn/

    Author: Hayman Island’s Digital Marketing Executive, Lauren Esplin, loves nothing more than passing on her tips and tricks for exploring the Great Barrier Reef, from one of the most beautiful islands in the world – Hayman Island.

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