Temple Bar

    Temple Bar is a popular destination for anyone seeking a fun weekend in Dublin City. But this popular tourist destination has more to it than pubs and bars.

    Originally Mudflats, who would have thought that Temple Bar that we know these days would become the mecca for parties and tourists? It actually has a rabbit warren of medieval streets to explore. Here is a brief glimpse into the past of Dublin’s’ Historic Quarter.


    • St Andrews Church was found during the Norse era and is considered one of the first suburban parishes. The Medieval church was located on Dame Street by the Castle. In the 16th Century, It was amalgamated with St Werburghs Parish and the church sadly fell into disrepair.


    • The area became very fashionable with prominent families living in the Dame Street area, many of whom have a legacy live on in the street names in the area. Due to the expansion it was necessary to revive St Andrews Parish


    • The name of the area is synonymous with the Temple Family who lived in the area. Sir William Temple was Provost of Trinity College and had quite a substantial house in the area, the term ‘bar’ comes from a mudflat that provides a walkway, it is considered this is where the term originates from. The walkway from the house of William Temple across the ‘bar’.



    • The Temple Bar we know today came about during the eighteenth century when  it became a hive of trade and commerce The Eastern side became increasingly popular and profitable with the Stock Exchange and The Bank of Ireland setting down roots there, unfortunately this meant that the Western side became less popular and a lot of trade moved out in favour of a more prominent address.


    • Throughout the twentieth century the area gradually fell out of favour and the area became subject to planning for demolition and a new bus station. Thankfully those plans never came to fruition and the area has been saved. During his 1987 campaign Taoiseach Charles Haughey pledged to save the Temple Bar area. This was carried out and the Government provided funding and tax incentives to attract businesses back to the area.

     Current and upcoming events at Temple Bar:

    • Temple Bar Food Market (29th January – on going): A great showcase of some of Ireland’s finest artisans and producers. This foodies paradise at Meeting House Square is a must do when visiting Temple Bar. 
    • First Thursdays Dublin (2nd February – on going): First Thursdays Dublin is the name given to cultural spaces opening their doors after hours and offering an extra chance to see art, culture and events in a number of venues between 6 – 8pm on the first Thursday of every month.
    • The Culture Box (11th January – on going): Located in the heart of Temple Bar on 12 East Essex Street, The Culture Box is host to all kinds of exhibitions and events throughout the year.

    So when you are next in the area, take a minute to look up from the shop windows or your pint and soak up a little of one of Dublin’s oldest atmospheres.  

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