Travel Destinations in Cincinnati, Ohio

    Though it might not be one of the first places you might consider when planning your next vacation, Cincinnati is one of the best kept secrets in the United States. Cincinnati is one of the largest cities in the country. As such, it is rich in history and activities. The possibilities are endless. Whether you are ready to do some serious shopping, or maybe your feeling the I’m-going-to-be-insanely-cultured-and-learn-all-I-can-in-one-afternoon mood, or just enjoy walking aimlessly through the city; Cincinnati is the place for you.

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Cincinnati, OhioDavid Paul Ohmer / Water Photos / CC BY


    Have yourself a shopping adventure at Findlay Market, one of Ohio’s oldest public-operated markets. Findlay Market is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Almost a hundred vendors are there Tuesday through Sunday, offering a wide variety of meats, vegetables, and ethnic foods.  You’ll also find ice cream, coffee, wine, cakes, furniture, hand-made soaps, crafts, local honey, and other items.  Findlay market is also home to all sorts of festivals and community events.  Often shoppers are treated to live music and poetry readings.  You can also plan ahead and come to Findlay Market on German Day, Asian Food Fest, weekly barbecues. Whatever you choose to do at Findlay Market, you’ll feel like a you’re a local.

    Not quite looking for the hometown low-key feel of Findlay Market? Not to worry, Cincinnati has you covered with Kenwood Towne Center. Home to quality restaurants, superior jewelers, top designer clothing, shoes, designer sunglasses, and even those stores for the kids at heart.  Kenwood Towne Center offers world-class shopping.


    Founded in 1881, the Cincinnati Art Museum is one of the oldest museums in the United States.  The museum features exhibits in mediums ranging from stained glass to fashion apparel.  Their permanent collections include pottery, tapestries, rugs, paintings, sculptures, and silver work.  Whether you are a seasoned art critic or someone who knows nothing or little about the art world, you are sure to find the Cincinnati Art Museum to be engaging and fascinating.

    The Harriet Beecher Stowe House is also in Cincinnati.  Stop by to learn about Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  The house tour also includes information about her friends and family, as well as many other aspects of the Underground Railroad movement and abolitionism in general.

    Check out the American Sign Museum, a whole museum dedicated to signs used over a 100-year period in America. From McDonalds advertizing one billion sold, to a giant statue of Big Boy, you’ll find signage ranging from your grandparents’ time to the present. You’re sure to recognize many and learn some history along the way.

    Check it out

    Whether you are looking for shopping, music, art, or festivals, Cincinnati has got it all. You could spend days here and not do all there is to do. Come to Cincinnati and experience all it has to offer first hand.

    By Cassie Costner

    Cassie has lived in Cincinnati and has found it one of the most pleasant places, as both a tourist and a resident. Cassie writes for Brock Restoration in Cincinnati and loves creating content on subjects ranging from travel and music to home restoration and natural disasters.

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