The Ten Best Airline Companies in the World

    Choosing the best airline companies

    Choosing an airline can sometimes be a tricky scenario, and today I will provide you with basic information on the most popular airlines in the world. Whichever one you choose, it’s always worth considering a Travel Republic review to help with your search.

    Qatar Airways Boeing 777-200LR Business Class cabin Beltyukov
    Qatar Airways Boeing 777 – on of the best airline companiesAlex Beltyukov / Foter / CC BY-SA

    According to the 2012 Skytrax World Airline Awards, the five best airline companies in the world are:

    1. Qatar Airways– The oil boom in certain Arab countries has led to hugely increased investment in business endeavours by the wealthiest in those countries, and Qatar is no exception. The airline offers a deluxe first and business class, and the economy class is nothing short of comfortable either.

    Doha Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER lineup
    Doha Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ERDoha_Qatar_Airways_Boeing_777-300ER.jpg / / CC BY-SA

    2. Asiana Airlines –  Part of the Star Alliance airline team, Asiana Airlines have been at the top of the Skytrax awards repeatedly over the last few years. The South Korean airline has risen to become another luxurious option for those seeking a fantastic and comfortable in-flight experience.

    ASIANA 747 HL-7413
    Best airline companies, presented by Asiana Airlinespdx.rollingthunder / / CC BY-NC

    3. Singapore Airlines– Another location of the Asian capitalist boom of the late twentieth century, Singapore Airlines has become one of the world’s leading airlines. In December 2010, USA Today reported that Singapore Airlines had been declared the second largest airline in the world by market capitalisation by the International Air Transport Association (ATA).

    Singapore Airlines SIA 747-412
    Singapore Airlines – Best Airlines OutLookPhillip Capper / / CC BY

    4. Cathay Pacific Airways– Part of the Oneworld alliance, Cathay Pacific Airlines, based in Hong Kong, is the world’s third largest airline in terms of market capitalisation. The airline is perhaps more prestigious than the previous two because it dates back to 1946, when Hong Kong was still a British colony.

    Cathay Pacific, Taoyuan Int'l Airport, Taiwan
    Cathay Pacific AirwaysLuke,Ma / / CC BY

    5. ANA All Nippon Airways– Based in Minato, Japan, this airline’s international services boomed 22 percent in 2010, and currently has a fleet of 180 passenger aircraft. Japan’s boom came before China’s and is still one of the most urbanised cities in the world, with one of the strongest currencies and level of technology per capita. This airline offers flights around the world and its place in the Skytrax ranking reflects a stabilisation in the market as a premium service.

    Pokemon Jet (Ohana Jumbo & Pikachu Jumbo)
    One of the best airlines companies in the world – ANA All Nippon AirwaysHaseo / / CC BY

    The ranking is determined largely by user satisfaction, as reviews are posted on the Skytrax website, along with a five star rating. Asian airlines have seemingly become the dominant force in the industry, as these are the most luxurious options on the market. However, they are also doubly as expensive as budget airlines, so it really depends on what you are looking for. Most people would not book with these airlines for short haul flights.

    For short haul flights and budget restricted flyers, here are my personal top five airlines:

    1. Easyjet- Easyjet revolutionised the European airline industry by offering unheard of low prices for popular holiday and tourist destinations such as Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey.  The airline has increased its rates according to an established customer base, and to compete within the market as new companies started copying the strategy of offering low prices, such as Ryan Air, which I will discuss later.

    2. British Airways- British Airways is perhaps the most prestigious and reliable airline in the world. I have flown with them across the Atlantic countless times, and the cordial approach taken up by the in-flight attendants, the complementary food and drinks, the more than sufficient in-flight entertainment options and its no-hassle approach offer you an extremely smooth and problem-less experience.

    3. Virgin Air- Virgin Air is a fantastic option for those seeking superb in-flight entertainment, as the airline offers great services, capitalising on its past experience in the entertainment industry (i.e. Virgin Records). The airline offers a great array of destinations, and has superbly comfortable seats.

    4. Lufthansa- Lufthansa is billed as the safest airline in the world, and is based in Germany, a country that has proven resilient in the face of the 2008 economic global crisis. The airline seems to have resisted the crisis in the same manner. A founding member of the Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance in the world, Lufthansa has over 100 million passengers per year, with 18 destinations within Germany, and over 190 international destinations.

    5. Ryanair- Ryanair is an Irish airline that followed with the Easyjet approach, offering one-way flights for as little as 1 Great British Pound. The catch is that you have to pay about 20 pounds for checking in luggage over a certain weight, the seats are not the most comfortable, and the in-flight service and entertainment is the minimum level possible.

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